What is a Writer?

10 Jan

A writer… by definition is anyone who physically writes, but I view a writer as someone who creates portals for the world to jump through in order to experience fantasies, dreams, and desires. We, as writers, can contribute to the world, even if that world only includes one person. We can create ‘escapes’ for people’s reality. We can put stories onto paper for other generations that are our ‘realities’. A writer has a complex mind, finding it difficulty to communicate sometimes what they see in their mind. A writer is anyone about anything and holds the freedom that most people search for their whole life. A writer holds power, control, sympathy, understanding, destinations, and most importantly, perspective. So, whether it be poetry, memoir, or fantasy, pick up a pen, or keyboard, and tell me… what makes a writer?

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Posted by on January 10, 2012 in Stream of Consciousness, Writing


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