Wonton or Dumpling?

25 Jul

My life has always seemed to be filled with randomness. Perhaps just because of that, or maybe because I try to see things as I walk through everyday life. Either way, for as long as I can remember, random things have happened to and around me.

I love that word: random. It doesn’t imply chaos or anxiety. It doesn’t hold a firm or commanding tone. It just is. It implies the simplicity of its meaning: just because. If it were a motion, it would be a shrug. If it were punctuation, it would be an ellipsis. If it were a biological term, it would be cytoskeleton. It just is and it doesn’t care.

I enjoy counting, recording, and remembering all of the random things I see everyday. Sometimes I may not see anything and other days are filled with occurrences that boggle my mind. Each time, however, always brings a smile to my face, even if I must disguise it.

One of my favorite random occurrences was when I was in my undergraduate courses and had to take a survey for the university on how they were performing. I’m sure any university student has seen these surveys. They are all pretty much the same. This one happened to be multiple choice and as I skimmed though most of the questions, I came upon the last question, which not only made me smile but outright made me laugh. The question was this:

How many squirrels do you feed in a week?

a) 0

b) 1-10

c) >20

d) I don’t feed squirrels. I eat them!

Now, it was true that my campus was infested with those cute little rodents, but this question just made me love my university more. I think having a bit of randomness within you is a good thing. It creates spontaneity. It fills you with life, from within. So go ahead and be random, and if anyone frowns at you for it, then they haven’t felt the wind of life in their soul.

Oh, and of course I chose option “d”.

W or D?


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