Let us be young.

04 Nov

I think I never grew up in spirit. My soul still feels light and vulnerable and innocent, but my mind feels wise. A contradiction, I know. Perhaps I was never meant to grow up but to always be as a child. I think I saw the beauty of being young and never wanted to lose that essence: the wide-eyed look of curiosity, the pure joy of discovery, the silliness of a giggle, the simple pleasure of not having it together. That is who I wanted to be, who I am trying to keep alive, and who I am. I think everyone keeps a part of their child-ness inside them but keep it hidden due to fear. Judgement, criticism, banishment. This is what society does to our spirit: choke it with fear. Why do we care when the purest form of ourselves is our soul? Should not we embrace it, nourish it, compel it? Should not we be who we truly are?

Let us stay young.


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Posted by on November 4, 2013 in Imagination, Stream of Consciousness


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