Life’s Little Blessings

22 Sep

Something spectacular happened to me as I was riding the train back home:

I wasn’t in a bad mood or having a bad day. On the contrary, I was enjoying having the day off and not having anything to do or anywhere to go. I like when I am not in a rush and everyone else around me is (which happens quite often in the city). Anyway, as I was travelling home by train, which I usually do, I decided to listen to some music so as to let my mind wander more deeply. I noticed an old man, perhaps 80 years old, sitting a few seats away from me, facing my direction. As this is normal, I didn’t take much notice and proceeded to stare out the window at the beautiful day and thinking about whatever came to mind.

Just to give some background to my current situation, I have been struggling recently with some things: emotionally and spiritually. I was anxious and stressed for weeks, until one day I could take no more and opened my heart (completely) to God. As soon as that happened, I felt peace. Unimaginable peace. Fast forward several days and I am still at peace and learning to trust and be guided, instead of guiding myself. Cue today’s train ride…

As I’m about to get off the train as my stop approaches, the old man stands up shakily and walks toward me. He hands me a piece of cardboard that had been ripped off of a notepad with a sketch on it. It was me. He simply sat back down. I smiled at him and looked at the drawing. It was magnificent. It wasn’t a Monet or Dali. It probably wouldn’t even be considered good enough to hang in a gallery, but it was wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling and still cannot, actually. Even with it’s misspellings and rough textures done by a brown marker, I couldn’t ask for a better drawing. It made my day and more than that, I felt blessed.

Blessed by a little old man on a train. Blessed by a brown marker sketch. Blessed by a simple act of kindness that from which, we all can learn.

A Lady in the Trin


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