B.M.Green is an earthborn graduate from Waynesburg University with a Biology degree and from James Cook University in Australia with a Graduate Certificate in Marine Biology. She is currently doing her Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Australia. She was born and raised in Ohio. She has been writing ever since she was a small child, but Pure Blood was her first completed manuscript. She wrote the first few pages at a camp when she was fifteen years old. A year later, it was completed. She was inspired to write Pure Blood due to her love of the ocean and its creatures, and deep down, she secretly wishes she were an Oceain.

Pure Blood is the first in a series of books about ancient races of people who are going extinct in today’s world. Holidee is a sixteen-year-old girl who finds out she is one of the last of a different race of people: Oceains.

Oceains are an ancient race of people of the ocean, who take care of the ocean and its creatures. It is one of four ancient races: Brucyins, Eldyins, Oceains, Miridains. Each race takes care of a different aspect of the Earth: a different element. Brucyins are fire people. Eldyins are people of the earth. Oceains are water people. Miriains are people of the sky.

Pure Blood is a completed 117, 500 words that would appeal to many age groups because of its whirlwind of emotions and intense climax peaks. It is the story of one girl’s fight to find herself and her struggle to protect what she has come to love.


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