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Running Around Christmas

I wasn’t going to update until after the holidays, but something happened that I needed to share. My husband and I were talking about how Christmas has changed for us since moving away from family. We shared what Christmas was like for each other as kids. (It was different, because we are from different countries.) This will be our third Christmas in the land Down Under and it never quite felt like Christmas to me. I thought about this and wondered why, or if I was just spoilt by my childhood and the ‘magic’ of Christmas. As an adult, studying and working, Christmas just passed by last year for me and it upset me deeply. I didn’t want that to happen this year, so I tried to get all my work done early and requested a few days off from work.

As Christmas started to settle in my heart and around me (even though I am use to white Christmases), I realized what was wrong with Christmas as an adult. It hit me when I went to a cafe today just to sit, have a coffee, and read a book. I sat at the cafe for about an hour and then got up to pay at the counter. The two girls working greeted me nicely (as always) and commented how refreshing it was to see me just sitting in there, reading, not rushing around and panicking about Christmas and gifts and food, etc. I may have given them a funny look and then I replied, “Christmas is about taking time.”

That’s when it hit me. The words just came out of my mouth. What my subconscious had known, the rest of me was just beginning to realize. That is what Christmas is about: taking time. Time for family, time for relaxing, time for you, time for others, time for singing, time for snowmen, time for elves on the shelves, time for decorating, time for lights, time for silliness, time to not be an adult and time to believe.

Christmas is believing. If we get caught up in the presents and shopping and cooking and running around, then we miss the whole point of Christmas. It becomes a chore, a stress, not a holiday. Most people I talk to tell me that this is their most stressful time of year. Their real ‘holiday’ is when they go on vacation for a week somewhere tropical. Why does it have to be that way? It doesn’t. Most people are just missing the point of Christmas. Christmas is a holiday, and you must be the one to make it that way. It is so easy to get caught up in everything around Christmas, but please try not to become stressed. Just don’t worry about it as much. Is Christmas going to be less special if your apple pie isn’t perfect? Will the kids remember what type of wrapping paper you put on their gifts? Will your mother-in-law criticize your souffle throughout the entire new year? No! (Well, maybe the last one.)

So enjoy the holiday. Enjoy taking time. Enjoy the belief that Christmas is more than what we get or what we eat. Believe.

Merry Christmas to all!


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Birthday Shenanigans

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Christmas in Melbourne

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