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Being Happy: Part 1

A lot of people want to know how I ‘tick’. Why I am the way I am. I am a naturally joyful person with an optimistic outlook on life. In fact, this comic strip typically sums up what people think about me and how I think in general:

Peanuts Comic

Peanuts Comic

I love smiling and being happy and this makes people question my behavior. I find it disheartening sometimes that they do not believe that one person can hold so much happiness, but I believe sharing and showing this natural state of ‘being happy’ helps people who struggle with finding happiness on a day-to-day basis. I feel that if I were down, then I would want to be around someone who was joyous, because I would want to pretend that it is contagious and proximity would give me better chances of catching that person’s happiness.

Happiness is perhaps not a choice for some people, but I like to believe that it is a lifestyle. It’s not always easy being happy and upbeat when such tragic things occur around the world, but I feel like, even with such horrible things, it is still better to live feeling happy than to sit down and be dismal.

Maybe, one day, my funeral will consist of a dance party…

Perhaps all of this is wishful thinking or downright false, but believing is always better, in my mind, than giving up. After all, perhaps happiness is contagious.

Snoopy dance with a leaf


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Crazy in the World of Me

So I know I have mostly been MIA these past few months and I apologize immensely, but I can see the finish line of my Masters thesis, so once I pass that hurdle in life, I will re-appear in your lives.

In saying that, you can assume that my characters will be re-appearing in your lives as well. They have been pestering me in these last few weeks of my studies and demanding my time, which I cannot spare. O_o Oh, goodness, the life of a writer. Why do they stare so? One character in particular, which you have not met yet, just sits next to me while I’m writing and finds something to do (sometimes it’s eating, or playing with a yo-yo, or twirling fire…oops! Spoiler!). Anyway, I don’t want them to go away, just to give me enough of my brain back to finish my thesis. Is that too much to ask for? Perhaps I will send them here:


Post Thesis (PT): I will continue with my vampire short story (found here), starting a new short story, giving more interviews with my characters, and finishing the second installment of the Pure Blood series. Lots of exciting things will be happening later this year and I hope you are anticipating some great stuff!

Pure Blood has been downloaded over 187 times as an e-book, which is beyond my expectation this soon. I hope everyone who has downloaded it has found it enjoyable and entertaining. The second book will follow shortly and be more ‘mature’, but still YA, I believe. Anyway, enjoy your time and remember that I am still alive somewhere, hanging on to whatever lifeline I can reach, until I crawl across that graduation ribbon.




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Let us be young.

I think I never grew up in spirit. My soul still feels light and vulnerable and innocent, but my mind feels wise. A contradiction, I know. Perhaps I was never meant to grow up but to always be as a child. I think I saw the beauty of being young and never wanted to lose that essence: the wide-eyed look of curiosity, the pure joy of discovery, the silliness of a giggle, the simple pleasure of not having it together. That is who I wanted to be, who I am trying to keep alive, and who I am. I think everyone keeps a part of their child-ness inside them but keep it hidden due to fear. Judgement, criticism, banishment. This is what society does to our spirit: choke it with fear. Why do we care when the purest form of ourselves is our soul? Should not we embrace it, nourish it, compel it? Should not we be who we truly are?

Let us stay young.


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Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli movies define the very essence of wonder and imagination. I have a goal to watch them all, and hopefully that goal will never end. The storylines of these movies always astound me with the made-up creatures and creativity. If you don’t enjoy the plot (perhaps it’s a bit too young for you), then you can at least enjoy the artistry, because the illustrations are truly jaw-dropping. Some of the most popular movies this company has made, date back to the 1980s, and when I think of that and see the illustrations, I am inspired.

Here are a list of the movies so far by Studio Ghibli. I have seen all of the ones with * and my favorites have + as well. Enjoy and if you have any suggestions for me or opinions on the movies, please let me know!

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (actually pre-Studio Ghibli)*
  • Castle in the Sky*
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • My Neighbor Totoro*+
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service*
  • Only Yesterday
  • Porco Rosso
  • Pom Poko
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • Princess Mononoke*
  • My Neighbors the Yamadas
  • Spirited Away*
  • The Cat Returns*
  • Howl’s Moving Castle*+
  • Tales from Earthsea*
  • Ponyo*
  • Arrietty

~Far right drawing by Annie Stoll. Go check out her awesome art!


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Beautiful Nightmare

Sleep to some people is an escape from reality, letting them live the way they wished. That is how dreams work. Dreams are magical in that they allow anyone to be and do anything, with no restrictions. If this is true, however, then don’t dreams abuse people? Dreams will give you an expectation for reality that can never be reached, making you believe that reality is not enough, never satisfying. Then you will never want to wake up from a dream, but stay in slumber your whole life in order to feel happiness. What would you do if you could never dream?

Then there are some people who are living a dream. They wake up and feel blessed and happy to have opened their eyes another day. For them, reality is the dream, and sleeping is just part of the routine.

Think carefully about what your dream really is, because you never realize you are living a dream until you wake up and find yourself in a nightmare…

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Fictional Love

Oh, the feeling when you are reading and then you realize you may have fallen in love with a fictional character… except this time, it’s your book and the character feels more real to you than some human beings out there…

Thus begins the story of my life. I was writing more pages to my fourth book (even though I haven’t published my second or third, I know where the story goes), and realized that I was enjoying writing about this one guy so much that it almost made my heart go pitter-patter. How absurd. I know logically that I, myself, have made up this person. I know, or rather like to believe, that I am sane. So, why then do I feel myself falling in love every page I write with him on it? Oh, the butterflies!

The worst part? I know his ending and I dread to write it…

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Cheese and a Can of Coke

What do I say on days I have no ideas? Well, it has been a busy week, for sure. I woke up Monday and spent the whole day writing. I finished around seven pages, which I consider productive, even though I didn’t work on anything on my PhD. yikes!

On Tuesday, I went into work and then afterward went to the showgrounds, which reminded me more of a carnival with lots of cows. It was fun, though! I got to pet baby piggies, watch fireworks, and have some free wine. The only problem? The trains stopped running at midnight and I didn’t know, so I had to call a taxi to get home… I always hate paying for taxis… so bloody expensive. 🙂

Today I slept in for a looong time, which hasn’t happened in a while, and I am about to start on my studies that I need to get done. It seems like a lovely day… perhaps I will go for a walk too!

Oh, and if you are wondering about my title… 🙂 Most of my inspiration from my titles comes from conversations I have with friends, my characters, or myself. They are mostly random and make no sense and, therefore, wouldn’t make sense if I tried to explain them. 🙂 So I will just let your imagination enjoy what they mean and where they come from.

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