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Ancient Oro

Ancient Oro

This is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. It is from El Museo Del Oro, or the Museum of Gold in Bogota, Colombia. These earrings were one of many gold embellishments worn by the native Colombian tribes dating back to before the 1600s. Gold to them was not money as in today’s standards, but worn for everyone to see. This is one of the reasons why the Spanish conquered Colombia then, because it was a country rich with gold.

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I know I have been absent for quite awhile. I was on a much needed vacation from the world. During this vacation I saw family, old friends, ate too much food and not enough, hugged puppies, travelled through ten states, held three babies at once, played Risk until I fell asleep, got sand in places I didn’t know existed, climbed monuments, saw dinosaurs, drove over the Brooklyn Bridge, drank too many cups of coffee at hours I shouldn’t have been awake, visited memories, learned (more) Spanish, watched guitars being built, got an idea of how much of the Earth is filled with water, and made many, many discoveries.

I am a traveler by nature – my mom even calls me a gypsy – but I don’t know if that comes from curiosity, something you learn to want, or just the rawness of being born with it. Either way, I am a traveler to my bones. I enjoy ‘roughing it’ or jumping from hotel room to hotel room. I enjoy long car rides leading nowhere and stopping to take pictures. I enjoy the magnificence of man-made cities, but I enjoy the silent beauty of a God-created city more. All of these things are me and always have been.

I won’t dwell on all of the things that I love about traveling. I am sure many people feel the same way. However, I am going to give one piece of advice. The best way, and I do mean the best way, to see the United States, is by car. A road trip.

Some people may cringe at the idea of a road trip, some may rejoice, but the simple fact is that a country that large, with so many places to see, is best done by driving to each destination. Why? Because you will discover things that no one else has.

Every road trip is different. You could drive the same road dozens of times and still find something new, because each time you will stop at different places. Of course you will have your markers of where you are going, but that is just of what is known. My favorite part of a road trip is finding out what is unknown.

Once you go on a road trip, you won’t ever want to travel differently again. You will find things that your friends have never seen, feel freedom like a dog off a leash, eat food with names you cannot pronounce…

Road trips are a wondrous thing. See for yourself.

LOVE Niagara Falls NYC Gatekeeper Martin & Co


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Five Shades of Blue



How magnificent is the ocean. It never yields to people. It never gets destroyed physically by things. It is the epitome of power and grace. Calm one minute and crashing death the next. Beautiful sounds and smells, all created by the most abundant thing on the planet.

It does not care. It does not feel. It breathes with each recessing wave. It gives us peace as we go back to where we came from.

How magnificent is the ocean.


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Slang, yo.

It is interesting how powerful slang can be. Just walking around, we hear slang words and phrases everywhere. It is quite common. However, we generally only hear it. When we read it in a newspaper or somewhere, it looks out-of-place.

When slang starts to appear in places and gets treated like a normal word, both written and spoken, then I may worry. Why is slang so powerful and influential to the spoken and written word?

But the more important question: Do we want to be known by our slang, by words that are only understood by other people within our country, or do we want to sound more professional and intelligent?

I do use slang, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of the slang I don’t use, because it just sounds… ugly. Why change something beautiful like language? Why butcher it to something that is unrecognizable? I have heard slang in my different countries and even in different languages. Here is an example:

When I first started learning Spanish, I wanted to learn because I thought it one of the most beautiful languages spoken. I still believe that. It has a magic about it that makes the tongue move like a dance. Exquisite. When I started meeting people from Spanish-speaking countries and travelling to those countries, I found that I got lost in a lot of the language. I was hearing a completely different language. That was because I had never learned the slang. But this Spanish was not beautiful to my ear. It was messy and rough, not the poetry that I dreamed of. It disappointed me greatly.

My point is this: Why do we let slang rule our language? Why does it make us so comfortable? Since when does using beautiful words together in a sentence make you sound “old-fashioned” or a “know-it-al”? Since when did we compromise our knowledge?

mcdonalds DSC02791


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Christmas in Melbourne

DSC02400 DSC02242 DSC02504DSC02370


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Escaping the City

Today I happened upon a nice little path that led me into creation…

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Puffing Billy

A railway track from 1900, a steam engine from 1954, an adventure in modern-day times.

The Puffing Billy gives you the experience of not only riding an old train, but of living in history. It is a traveling museum with authentic stations and volunteers who enjoy what they do. Riding the Puffing Billy is exhilarating for any train ride, because it gives you the chance to let your arms and legs hang over the side. So when the steam engine goes over a bridge that is only wide enough for the train itself, your heart beats faster and your mind wonders if there have been any casualties from falling off the train.

This is a ride for the young and old. It is worth the money and if you want something romantic and historic, try first class traveling, where you can dine as you take in the prehistoric views, which reminded me of Jurassic Park. It would also liven up the imagination if you ride the train while wearing 1900 clothing and pretend you are going to visit a great big new place and the normal mode of traveling is by steam engine and horse and carriage.

The Puffing Billy impresses, regardless of age, and I highly recommend it for fun, for the family, or for a date. So throw your scarf over your shoulder, hang your legs over the ledge, and enjoy the ride on the Puffing Billy!

The Official Puffing Bill Website


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