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Pocket of Dynamite

I am finding humor in my current situation. I have been vaguely aware throughout my life that my presence attracts attention. I thought in my naiveté that this was normal and happened to everyone. Then I travelled to Colombia by myself and realized many stares coming my way, but I assumed it was due to my hair and eye color. Then I travelled to Australia, thinking it would be similar to my home country. I started my doctorate degree and the moment I stepped into my share office, I realized I was (firstly) the only female and (secondly) the only white person. Don’t get me wrong, I love being among different cultures and learning from a plethora of persons. It’s how it should be in the world.

However, something interesting happened to me today. I became aware that I am a sort of anomaly among my peers. I was approached by another student, whom I have never seen, on the public transport and he knew who I was. “Are you the PhD student in Aerospace? I have seen you around.” I am quiet on campus so I can understand how I may seem a mystery. We started talking and he was surprised by my age (which I get a lot). Then we parted ways and a thought occurred to me: everyone was talking about me!

“Have you seen the American girl? She is doing her PhD here.”

I have become the talk of the offices and had not even realized. I am now this mysterious little white girl who must be intelligent because she is so young and doing her doctorate. Honestly, most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing and am just trying to keep my head above water. I believe this to be truth to most people.

This brought a smile to my face today, thinking that other people are getting enjoyment through me. I am not intimidated by much and therefore can seem very driven, but that is because I love living with no regrets and try everything at least once. Afterall, we only have one chance at life.

*As a side note, I am told that I am a great public speaker and was recently introduced to an audience as a ‘pocket of dynamite’ and to not be fooled by my size.


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Pie in the Sky

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Cheese and a Can of Coke

What do I say on days I have no ideas? Well, it has been a busy week, for sure. I woke up Monday and spent the whole day writing. I finished around seven pages, which I consider productive, even though I didn’t work on anything on my PhD. yikes!

On Tuesday, I went into work and then afterward went to the showgrounds, which reminded me more of a carnival with lots of cows. It was fun, though! I got to pet baby piggies, watch fireworks, and have some free wine. The only problem? The trains stopped running at midnight and I didn’t know, so I had to call a taxi to get home… I always hate paying for taxis… so bloody expensive. 🙂

Today I slept in for a looong time, which hasn’t happened in a while, and I am about to start on my studies that I need to get done. It seems like a lovely day… perhaps I will go for a walk too!

Oh, and if you are wondering about my title… 🙂 Most of my inspiration from my titles comes from conversations I have with friends, my characters, or myself. They are mostly random and make no sense and, therefore, wouldn’t make sense if I tried to explain them. 🙂 So I will just let your imagination enjoy what they mean and where they come from.

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Sonido Soundwave

Yesterday I found this cute little authentic South American restaurant near the city called Sonido (Sound in spanish). Their prices were decent and the decor was fantastic. I walked through the wooden front door with the peeling white paint, and stepped into Colombia. The walls were a pale blue with accents of bright yellow everywhere. The kitchen, which was in the middle of the cafe, looked exactly like a Colombian kitchen with metal pots and pans hanging everywhere, ready to be served with hot chocolate (Colombian style) or perico (coffee with milk).

Hanging on the walls were a variety of knickknacks from the mother country, such as old bus signs, leather pouches and shoes, and stickers of their beer and soda. The menus had jackets of old albums of native music that they played throughout the restaurant. All of the tables and chairs were mismatched in a way that went together. I particularly liked my pale green that had jumped out of the 1970s. On each table, there were a multitude of books about the countries of South America, perfect for flipping through while waiting for your meal.

I ordered jugo de lulo (Lulo juice) and arepas con queso (arepas with cheese). Lulo is a native tropical fruit found in South America that isn’t very sweet, but refreshing with a slight bitter taste, although not as bitter as a grapefruit. Arepas are a kind of corn pancake that Colombians and Venezuelans eat with most of their meals and can come in many different ways: with cheese, eggs, jam, meat, or plain. They are deliciously golden and round that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. I topped mine with butter, picadillo (salsa), guacamole, and hot sauce. Then I eat it like a one-sided sandwich. Mmmm!

For that short little hour, I felt I was back in Colombia, a country filled with laughter, beer, music, and dancing! It was such a nice feeling… almost like a mini-vacation.


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Fluffy like a Wombat

I got a new mattress this week!!! To say I am excited would be a little understated. I have not slept in a new mattress… ever. For over twenty years I have lived with old, hand-me-down, broken, or air mattresses. Let me just say that I did not realize one could love a bed so much. I wake up (refreshed) and go to work, and every minute I am thinking of my amazing pillow-top mattress with polka dot sheets. I love my new bed. It has independent springs and foam so that it forms to my body while sleeping and is good for my spine. It is firm, bouncy, soft, and fluffy. Everything a bed should be! I am happy with my purchase, which was LONG overdue. I had been sleeping on an air mattress for almost 10 months and my back was complaining to me for it. Now, the reason I was sleeping on an air mattress for so long was because I was traveling so much that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a mattress I couldn’t take with me. (I was also too cheap.) I have finally ‘settled in’ to a city I like so I figured it was time to buy a mattress. (yay!) My spine was praising me for the decision. 😛

Okay, okay. Enough about mattresses… what about wombats?! Wombats are such cute, fat creatures, native to Australia. They are like a ball of fur with legs and some actually like to cuddle. I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like a wombat. They are quite harmless, peaceful animals. It just makes me smile thinking of them rolling around in the grass.

Rescued Baby Wombat –>

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The Aussie Accent?

I have finally decided to do a post on Australia again. I have known about the quirks and fun things for awhile, but now I am starting to repeat some things, which I would rather not, considering the grammar is terrible. 🙂

So, onward to some fun/funny Australian accents and things they do or say with their voice…

The first thing Aussies do, that is probably the most annoying to me, is their intonation. Some are worse than others and I have noticed that women (and Aussie men have told me this) are the worst. When they speak, the ends of their sentences tend to rise as if asking a question. Therefore, sometimes you don’t know if they are asking you something or simply stating a sentence. It can get very confusing and very annoying, especially in Queensland (a tropical State in Northern AU). I lived in Queensland for almost a year and most people who live in that State are country people and laborers. Their intonation would rise after every sentence, to the point where you cannot take anything they say seriously. I enjoyed it for the first part of my stay, but then it wore on me a bit. Victoria, where Melbourne is located, is not as bad, since people live closer to a city, but you will still find the occasional person who will ask you questions without asking questions. 🙂

A second thing that Aussies do is state questions that don’t need answered. For example, instead of saying, ‘Wow, that’s awesome!’ they say, ‘How awesome is that?!’ <– Question that doesn’t need answered. Now, I have been starting to do this, and the worst part of it all, is that I notice it BEFORE I do and STILL do it. Ugh! I suppose there could be far dismal things… my husband asks me, ‘Why do you say it like that when you know it’s the wrong way?’ and I usually answer, ‘I don’t know. I can’t help it.’ The Aussie quirks are slowly infiltrating me…

If you want a better idea of what I’m talking about, watch this video by an Australian comedian who makes fun of Aussie accents:

Enjoy and more to come on Australia!

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