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Sign the Petition to Free the Californian Orcas at SeaWorld

I am usually not political, but I have always felt strongly about this issue. A petition has arisen to end the orca shows at SeaWorld San Diego in California. What this means is that these beautiful creatures would no longer perform for people’s entertainment and money. They would live the rest of their days in seapens, in real ocean, with real space. All we need to do is sign this petition. It’s only one signature, your signature, but it counts and means a great deal to these orcas and animals around the world.

Please sign the petition here

Thank you.


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Most people are captive in their own lives: chained to their burdens like Marley was in A Christmas Carol. We often see animals in cages and think how terrible it would be to not move about freely, but we forget that freedom is not just about moving. Entrapment still occurs within the soul.

You are the only one carrying the burden that drags behind you, pulling you down. So many things, even small things, can cause us to feel trapped. Our cage may not be of bars and steel, but it still consumes our energy and happiness like a leech with blood.

Freedom or Captivity?

Freedom is different for every person. No one can tell you how to feel free. It should be natural, like an instinct. Something that you crave. We all crave to feel free.

So, are you free?


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