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Vampire Short Story (VSS) Part 1

So, I have had this story for a while, but have resisted doing anything with it. I think I will try to finish it and just make it into a short story. I plan on putting it as a free e-book once I finish. I thought I could post it here as well. I don’t have a title yet. I am always open to suggestions about my writing and even a title. 🙂

Let me just say this; I did not plan on writing a vampire story. It just happened. I do not try to be a vampire girl/fan. Sometimes stories come to us, whether we like it or not, but my job as a writer is precisely that: to write. So I wrote this down. Let me know what you think throughout the process. -BMG

             Van looked over his class schedule for the tenth time. His older brother, Korbin, who laid on his bed throwing a ball into the air, looked over at him.
            “Would you stop that?! Why are you so damn nervous?”
            “Why aren’t you?” Korbin sat up and looked at his brother across the room. The two brothers were vastly different in appearance and personality. Korbin, the older and bigger of the two, would intimidate anyone with his size and strength. He put most of the football players to shame. He was tall with dark brown hair that he kept cut short. Van, who wasn’t scrawny, wasn’t nearly as large as his brother. He worked out, but next to his brother he looked small. He wasn’t as tall as Korbin, but he walked straighter. His hair was the same dark brown but longer. He often pushed his hair back throughout the day. Van had a cautious attitude, whereas Korbin was very relaxed. Van, probably the more serious of the two, was so only because he didn’t have many close friends. Korbin had his girlfriend.
            “Because everything’s going to be alright and, if it isn’t, we can just leave. Just relax and try to have some fun, okay?”
            “Easy for you to say.” Korbin shook his head as he walked to the fridge and grabbed a bag of crimson liquid. He threw it to Van.
            “Here. It’ll make you ease up a bit.” He tossed a straw at Van and sat back down. Van punctured the bag and took a few sips of blood. It cleared his head a little and he felt less tense.
            “Uh-huh. Just remember we have each other’s backs. Everything’s going to be okay.” Van nodded as he drank some more.
            “I hope so.”
            Classes started bright and early the next morning. Van and Korbin had different schedules. Van was double majoring in creative writing and literature. Korbin was majoring in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. Van started up a hill to his first class. Their college was in the mountains, which they preferred and one of the reasons they chose that school. It was in a small town in the mountains and only around two thousand students attended. It was a beautiful campus, covered in old trees and rolling green hills.
            It was especially beautiful this time of year when the leaves changed from emerald-green to sunset orange to blood-red. Van loved when the leaves were red. He felt like he was in another world: a world he didn’t have to hide in. Van wasn’t nervous about his classes. He had studied his whole life and had become a nerd in that sense. He loved reading everything from encyclopedias to science fiction. He was nervous about the interaction with his classmates. He had always dreamt of having close friends, but knew it was impossible.
            Van sighed as he sat down on a bench and pulled out a book he had been reading. He started from the page that he marked and relaxed as he waited for his next class. After several minutes he sighed again and set his book down. He looked at his watch.
Van went to grab his backpack when one of the shoulder straps broke, sending his books everywhere.
            “Shit!” He knelt to pick them up when a hand, holding one of his novels, held it out to him. He looked up into two crystal blue eyes like the sky on a cloudless day. A girl with long light brown hair stared at him with a big smile.
            “Walt Whitman, huh? What class is this for?” Her smile made her face glow and her skin was rosy with color.
            “It’s not.” She raised her eyebrows as Van took the book from her hand and gathered the rest in his arms. He stood up at the same time she did and was once again entranced by her eyes.
            “So you enjoy poetry?” He nodded. “Cool. Maybe sometime you can help me understand it, then.” She put out her hand. “I’m Claire.” Van awkwardly tried to shuffle his books to one hand as Claire giggled. “Here, let me help.” She took half of his books and held out her hand again. Van took it.
            “Van.” She smiled.
            “Hi, Van. Where are we taking these?” He turned and pointed down the hill.
            “Martin Hall.”
            “Ah, the jock dorm.” They started walking down the hill together. “Do you play any sports?”
            “No. I was just unfortunately placed in the dorm.” Claire giggled again. “You?” She shook her head.
            “I’m too busy, but I do enjoy the occasional tennis match when I have the time.”
            “Tennis, huh? My dad tried to teach me a thing or two about tennis.”
            “Oh, yeah?”
            “Yeah, like hit the ball into the court.” She giggled and Van smiled.
            “Well, I’ll have to see your moves sometime on the court.”
            “I’m not that good.”
            “That’s okay. Maybe we can trade lessons. I’ll teach you tennis and you can teach me poetry. How does that sound?”
            “Sounds good.”
            “So, are you an English major or you just like to overload your backpack with literature?” Van laughed.
            “Yeah, I’m a creative writing and literature major. Yourself?”
            “Biology and pre-med.”
            “Wow. Tough major.” She shrugged.
            “It’s a lot of work, but it’s what I want to do.”
            “What kind of doctor do you want to become?”
            “Pediatrician. I love kids.” Van opened the building door for her and they both walked into Martin Hall. He led her down the stairs and some hallways to his room. “What year are you?”
            “First year.”
            “Me too.” He opened his door and walked into his room. He dropped his books onto his bed and she did the same. Korbin, his arm around Nyx lying on his bed, sat up a little. Van turned around.
            “Uh, Claire, this is my brother, Korbin. Korbin, this is Claire. That’s Korbin’s girlfriend, Nyx.” She smiled at them.
            “Nice to meet you.” Korbin, his face perplexed, just nodded once. Nyx waved. Van didn’t waste any time in leading the way out of his dorm. Outside again, he stopped walking.
            “Thanks for helping me.”
            “No problem. How come I haven’t seen you before?” Van shrugged.
            “I guess English and science majors don’t cross paths often.”
            “We’ll just have to change that, then, won’t we?” She smiled as she took his hand and pulled a pen out of her pocket. She wrote a row of numbers on his pale arm. “Call me sometime.” She let go of his arm and walked away. “See ya around…Van.”
            Van stood there several minutes after she had left, his head buzzing. He had never felt that way around a girl before, especially a human girl. She made him laugh and smile and feel like a thousand lightning bolts went off inside him. He looked at the number on his arm and then walked back inside. 
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