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Our world, our lives are filled with indicators. Look around you and see how many things you can point out that dictate your life. I often wish we lived in a place without things to tell us where to go or what to do or what time it is.

Would we know how fast we were going without a speedometer in our car? Would we be able to feel the temperature without a thermometer? Would we even know what day or month it is without a calendar? Would it matter?

What do all of these indicators do for us? Really. How relative is time? We think it is important based on getting to work on time or meeting up with people or catching the news, but is it really important to our existence?

If we had to use the sun as our only indicator, would it kill us to just be ‘approximate’? What is wrong with slowing life down a little? We could still meet people and get to places. It just wouldn’t be on that exact minute. Why does everything have to be on the minute? Why not within the hour? Or even sometime within a day?

Our lives have become dominated with indicators to the point that we wouldn’t know what to do without them. Forget technology (although they contain many indicators), and think of if you could go one day or even one week without a watch, a thermometer, a calendar, a phone, an oven temperature gauge, a gas meter in your car, a tv…

Why let things dominate our daily lives when we could be more at ease and free…

Could we ever adapt to such a life?



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