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Wake up!




Wake up


World shakers,

oppose injustice and oppression.

Weapons of mass compassion

seem useless in this turmoil.


Wake up.

The Spirit is calling us.

Wake up, children.

Resist the comfort,

seek out the awkward,

uncomfortable moments.


Do not throw

first stones.

Feel the heaviness.

Feel the prejudice.


on the sand-drawn line.

Don’t be a barrier;

Be a safety net.


Our home,

not here,

not condemned,

not forgotten.

Wake up.

Shake history;

Be planet changers.


Wake up.

Boldness strikes like a lion.

Do not stalk mistakes,

but be courageous

against the

wrong of the world.


The earth absorbs

our tears.

Plant in the sorrow

of today;

Buds bloom tomorrow.

It is time;

a new season is upon us.

We are here

for such a time as this.


Undo the shame

Bend on one knee





Breathe in the Spirit;

Breathe out justice.

Show the Way,

Speak Truth,

Give Life.


Wake up

hear THE roar.

Wake up

see THE kingdom.


Build it here

amongst uncertainty.

Lift the Cornerstone,

build the foundation.

Don’t let it fall

between screams of hatred.


Be hands and feet

of Jesus,

but don’t carry the nails.

Let hatred stay

in the piercings

of the Cross.

There is no place here

for darkness.

Victory lives.


Wake up

our anthem,

mantra of existence.

Don’t stand for something

less than our destiny:

We are all


sons and daughters;

We are all


images of God.


Wake up.


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Let Hope Rise

As mentioned before in Being Happy: Part 2, I do have my dark days, where sometimes the world just becomes too much. Thankfully, I believe in an awesome and almighty God and that gives me hope. Hope for a new day: Hope for a better tomorrow: Hope for goodness in all people.

My happiness and ‘smiling’ attitude make my life easier to wake up everyday and put one foot in front of the other. This way of living, however, if not easy for many people. I’m well aware of this fact, which is what motivates me to live stronger and louder. I believe in being that light, no matter how small, for someone else. I believe in being the hope that they search for.

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety. Many people focus on negativity in their lives, wishing they had better things or were able to do more. Many cultures and countries stigmatize mental illness and castrate those who are afflicted. It is so easy to just kneel down and give up, to cry for all those who are misunderstood, judged and ridiculed. I refuse to be one of those.


I will let hope rise, like a sunrise that makes you stop and ponder its significance and warmth. I don’t want to cry. I want to laugh and sing and dance in the light of the sun, letting it soak into my skin as a new day dawns. I want to revel in its majesty and feel the non-judging grace. I want to give this experience to everyone I meet. I want them to know love. Real love.

Hope can change people, can turn nations, can create miraculous moments. Hope can and it will. I can only meet so many people in the world, but everyone has the ability to be the hope for someone else. Are you the hope for someone or do you depend on someone else to see that hope?

We all live in this world together and together we must conquer the darkness that suffocates us. It takes everyone and that is the hope I hold onto: a changed life. I don’t need to be able to see a changed world in order to see a changed life, because that one life is the world.

Perhaps I am a dreamer and many realists may be filled with skepticism, but I do know what is going on around the world and I refuse to let it get me down. I am more than a news story. I am more than rejection. I am more than just 5’1″. I am more.



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