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VSS Part 8

   The next morning Van walked into his room. Korbin was lying casually on his bed, half-dressed. Van unbuttoned his shirt and threw it in the corner of the room before sitting on his bed. Korbin turned down the television and looked at his brother.
   “What’s wrong, Van? I thought the evening was successful.”
   “For one of us. Mine ended rather solemnly.”
   “Why is that? I gave you the opportunity-”
   “Do you honestly think I could have slept with Claire, Korbin? I would have killed her!”
   “You’re a little touchy this morning.”
   “Shut up, Korbin. And wipe that stupid grin off your face.”
   “Ah, such brotherly affection.” Korbin sat up and leaned forward on his knees. “Not my fault you chose a human girl to be with. You could have anyone you want, Van. Why choose a human?”
   “I didn’t choose her! It just happened.” Van ran his hands through his thick hair and sighed. “I don’t know what to do.”
   “Tell her the truth?” Van gave Korbin a mean look. “Ok. Don’t tell her the truth. She’ll find out eventually, though.” They were both silent. “She’d make a beautiful vamp, I think. I mean, Nyx and her seemed to hit it off pretty well. Nyx really likes her.” Van didn’t say anything. “But I can see that’s not your intent. What are you going to do then, Van? Be with her ‘til you can’t and then leave her? Tell her lies and be in misery the rest of your eternal life? Sounds like hell to me…”
   “What do you want me to do, Korbin? I really don’t have a choice. She has a life, a nice one, and I’m not taking that away from her. She has dreams and goals!”
   “She could still have a life, Van! It’d just be slightly different. You wouldn’t kill her! We aren’t dead, Van! We’re immortal.”
   “We’re cursed.”
   “Whatever you want to call us! Vampires, Immortals, Cursed humans, demons, monsters! I don’t care! This is who we are! And you enjoyed it until you met her. Stop being this new Van! I hate it! Tell me, Van. What happens when you leave Claire and become a miserable person? What kind of brother will you be? You’ll be like an empty corpse! And what if there is a cure out there? Would you find it and turn human? What about me, Van?! Your brother! I’ve never asked anything of you and I’ve always been there for you. What would I do without you? Am I not a reason to live? Am I so horrible that you don’t want to be my family?”
   “No, Korbin, of course not.”
   “Then what? Stop being so depressed and enjoy life!”
   “I’m sorry, Korbin. It’s just…I see you and Nyx and you’re so lucky! You found the love of your life and can be with her. You’re going to marry her and have kids and be together forever. I just want that. I want what you have! I want a girl I can hold without craving her blood! I want to have a family of my own, but I want to keep you too! I want all of us to grow together and live forever!” Korbin stood up and hugged his brother. “I wish I could cry, Korbin. Do you ever want to cry?”
   “Yeah. When mom and dad died. Sometimes I still want to cry when I think about them.”
   “I wish they were still here. They would know exactly what to do. They always had the answer.”
   “I wish they were still here, too, Van. I wish I knew the answer to help you. I’m trying. I’m trying to be the brother you need, but I can’t be dad.”
   “I know, Korb. You’re always there for me. I don’t thank you enough.”
   “You don’t need to. You’re my family. Family sticks together through thick or thin.”
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VSS Part 7

  The four of them sat in a booth at a casual restaurant with a bar. Korbin was drinking a beer as they waited for their food.
  “You eat your steak raw?” Korbin smiled at Claire and saw that Van was tense.
  “Yeah. Would you like to try a bite when it comes?”
  “Uh, no thank you.” Korbin laughed. “Aren’t you afraid of getting a worm or disease or something?”
  “No.” Korbin smiled. “I like you, Claire. You’re so innocent.” Van growled, but only Korbin heard. Korbin continued to smile but leaned back in his seat.
  “So, how did you and Nyx meet?” Korbin glanced at Nyx sitting next to him.
  “By accident.” They both laughed at an inside joke. Claire looked at Van and he just shrugged his shoulders.        “Tell us about yourself, Claire.”
  “What would you like to know?”
  “What’s your favorite food?”
  “Well, that’s a tough question. I love my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese.”
  “What’s your favorite color?”
  “Your favorite sport?”
  “Football.” Korbin looked at his brother.
  “I like her so far.” Then he looked back at Claire. “Why did you choose the school we attend?”
  “Well, it had a good program and it was in the mountains. I enjoy the outdoors.”
  “Huh.” Their food arrived and Claire wrinkled her nose up at Korbin’s steak.
  “Relax, Van.” Korbin and Van were walking side by side a little ways behind the girls. They were walking around town, enjoying the night life. Van hadn’t relaxed all evening. “It’s not like we’re going to bite her.”
  “I’m just afraid one of us will say something that will give it away to Claire.”
  “You mean you’re afraid I’m going to say something to mess things up. Chill, Van. Look, the girls are enjoying themselves. Don’t spoil it.” Van looked at the girls, talking and giggling, a few feet in front of them.
  “You’re right. I should enjoy the night.” Korbin slapped Van’s back and smiled.
  “That’s the spirit.” They continued walking until the girls spotted a clothing store. The boys reluctantly followed the girls in. The girls went right to work picking out outfits and giggling secretively. Claire brought a sweater over to Van and held it up to him.
  “You’d look great in this!” Van raised an eyebrow and looked at Korbin, who shrugged his shoulder and grinned. Claire joined Nyx, and they went to the dressing room. They tried on clothes in stalls next to each other.
  “I’m not trying to sound like an older sister, but be gentle with Van’s heart.”
  “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”
  “Well, don’t let him know I told you, but you’re his first girlfriend.”
  “Yeah. He’s never really dated and Korbin and I are thrilled he finally is, but…”
  “But what?”
  “I just hope things work out.”
  “Me too. I really like Van. More than I should.”
  “Why do you say that?”
  “I’ve never fallen so hard and so fast for a boy. It’s new to me, and I have goals and dreams. I just don’t want my feelings to get in the way of my dreams and vice versa.”
  “I understand.”
  “May I ask what attracted you to Korbin?” Nyx smiled to herself.
  “He’s such a man.” Claire laughed. “I’m serious. He’s the kind of guy who will protect his family, defend his honor, and be the man of the house. He’s a real man.” Nyx laughed. “I also like a guy with a sense of humor. What attracts you to Van?”
  “He’s so romantic.”
  “I can see that.”
  “He is just so sweet and thoughtful.”
  “Sounds like someone’s in love.”
  “I am not.”
  “How long have you and Korbin been together?”
  “Nice change of subject. Five years. I was sixteen when I met him.”
  “Wow. Are you going to get married?”
  “Eventually. Although he hasn’t asked me formally. We’ve talked about it, though.” Claire walked out of the stall.
  “What do you think?” Nyx looked at her.
  “Why don’t we try something that will drive Van crazy?” Nyx grinned and grabbed something from her stack of clothes. She threw it at Claire, who put it on. Then Nyx teased Claire’s hair and scrunched it, so that it was bigger and slightly curly. Then she dug in her purse and pulled out eye liner. She applied more makeup on Claire and then stepped back to take a look. “You’re gonna knock him dead.” Claire turned toward the mirror and gasped. She looked like a model. She was wearing black stilettos and a short red dress. Her eyes were smoky and dark, which made the color of her irises pop.
  “Wow.” Nyx smiled and then applied more lipstick to her own lips. Nyx had changed also. She wore a tight black dress with black heals. The dress hugged every curve she had.
  “Korbin loves black.” Claire smiled, but kept staring at her own reflection. “C’mon.” Nyx grabbed her hand and led her out of the dressing room. Nyx paid for the clothes and they walked out to where the boys were waiting.     They had been talking, but upon seeing the girls, stopped. Their jaws dropped and they just stared. Nyx walked up to Korbin and slid her finger along his jaw line. “We’re ready.” Then she led the way out of the store, Claire following. The guys walked after them. The boys couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off of their girls. Nyx laughed every time she pushed Korbin away. His hands were all over her. Van was speechless and kept close to Claire the whole evening. They headed back to the school. When they arrived, Nyx walked toward the dorm. Korbin looked at Van.
  “Mind if I have some privacy in the room for a while?” Van smirked.
  “No. Have fun.” Korbin playfully punched Van’s shoulder and then ran after Nyx. Claire grabbed and turned Van’s head to look at her.
  “You’ve been so good all night.” She slid her hands down the front of his shirt. Van swallowed hard.
  “What do you mean?”
  “You haven’t even put an arm around me.” Van closed his eyes.
  “I’m trying to be a gentleman.”
  “Let’s go hang out in my room.”
  “Okay. I can’t go to mine.” Claire laughed as they went to her dorm. She opened the door and turned on the light. “Where’s your roommate?”
  “She went home for the weekend. She’ll be back Sunday night.” Claire sat on her bed and Van sat next to her.    “I had a wonderful evening.”
  “I’m glad. I had fun too. You and Nyx hit it off.”
  “She’s so cool. We had some good conversations.”
  “Oh, yeah? About what?” Claire smiled.
  “I can’t tell you. Girl stuff.”
  “Not even a little?”
  “No.” Claire smiled and poked his chest playfully. Van looked into her eyes.
  “You are stunning.” He swept her hair behind her ear and touched her lips, before kissing her softly. He let go and continued looking at her. She put her hand through his thick hair and kissed him, deepening it. Van’s hands found her waist. The kiss deepened as Claire pulled off Van’s jacket and leaned back on her bed. Van continued kissing her as she unbuttoned his shirt. Van felt his fangs break through his gums. His eyes darkened into black holes and he flew off of Claire to the other side of the room. He turned his face away for several minutes until his features went back to normal. Claire sat up and looked at him.
  “What’s wrong, Van?” Van slowed his breathing and then turned around to look at Claire.
  “I’m sorry.”
  “You freak out every time we kiss.” Van sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. “What’s wrong with me?” Van was at her side in an instant. He put his hands on either side of her face and kissed the tears that ran down her cheeks.
  “I’m sorry, Claire. It’s me. I have…control problems. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the night.” Claire sniffed and wiped her eyes, smearing her makeup. She turned her head.
  “I look horrible.” Van turned her face back toward him and kissed her nose.
  “You are beautiful, Claire. Never think otherwise.” Then he cradled her as she leaned her head against his chest and leaned back against the bed. He stroked her hair until she fell asleep in his arms. “I’m sorry, Claire.”   He whispered so as to not wake her, but deep in his heart he regretted ever meeting her. How could he curse one so innocent and caring? How could he take a life that was not his to begin with? It was at that moment that Van realized if he could cry, he would have.
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VSS Part 5

            “Enjoying the meal?” Claire nodded. She had almost finished her plate, but Van had only touched his food. He had drunk a couple of glasses of wine, however. “Tell me, Claire, how is it that a beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” Claire wiped her mouth.
            “Well, since you mention it, I do have a boyfriend back home, who is buff and would kill anyone who took me out.” Claire laughed at Van’s expression. “Not really. I don’t know. I’ve always been serious with my schoolwork and…well, I guess no one asked me.”
            “Their loss.”
            “Your gain?” Van smirked.
            “Definitely.” The waiter brought the check and Van slipped a few bills into the folder. Then he stood up and offered his hand to Claire. “Shall we go?”
            “I figured we could walk around the city for a bit.” Claire smiled as she took Van’s hand, and he led her out of the restaurant. “Have you ever walked around the city?”
            “Not at night.”
            “It’s the best time.” They walked down the block and passed restaurants, clubs, and shops. Claire was looking at everything, and Van enjoyed watching her reactions. They walked through the bustling streets and talked more about their families and home lives. Claire did most of the talking as Van listened. They stopped momentarily to listen to music playing in a shop. They looked through the front, which was a giant window, and saw couples eating and dancing. Van stared at Claire as she watched the couples with delight. Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a dancing position. Claire caught her breath as she realized how close they were. She couldn’t find words to say and looked up to see Van smiling. He started dancing with her, slowly turning in circles to the music. She relaxed into his arms and stepped closer to him. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. He softly hummed the tune in her ear. He breathed in her scent and it filled his nerves with impulses, which he ignored. Nothing was more perfect than that moment.
           “Claire, I have to tell you something.”
           “Mm-hmm.” He smiled to himself and held her closer.
           “I think I’m falling in love with you.” She looked up at him, then, and stared into his eyes. She brushed his hair away from his eyes and leaned up to kiss him. He held her close and kissed her gently, never wanting to let go. The kiss deepened and Van felt his fangs penetrate the skin in his mouth. He opened his eyes and stepped away from Claire, not showing her his face. His breathing was heavy. “I’m sorry. I just…this is all so new for me.”
          “It’s okay.” She stepped toward him. “I’m sorry if I’m going too fast.”
          “No. It’s just…” He turned back around and smiled at her, his fangs receded. “I don’t want to mess this up.” She smiled and touched his cheek.
          “You won’t.” She lightly kissed his cheek. “I think I’m falling for you too, Poet Boy.” Van smiled and they finished the dance.
          They arrived back at the campus and headed to Van’s room. He unlocked the door as they were laughing and walked inside. Claire was about to say something when they both noticed Korbin sitting on his bed. He was reading a book and sipping a crimson liquid through a straw from a bag. Van’s eyes widened in alarm.
          “I thought you and Nyx were going out?” Korbin raised his eyebrows and looked at them.
          “Something came up. How was the date?”
          “Hello, Claire. Nice to see you again.”
          “You too, Korbin. What are you drinking? It looks interesting.” Korbin looked down at his drink and then up at Van, whose face was frozen.
          “Just cranberry juice. It’s high in antioxidants.” Van let out a breath.
          “Oh. I never liked cranberry juice. My grandma tried to make me drink it when I was younger.”
          “It’s a favorite of mine.” Korbin smiled.
          “Okay, well, I guess we’ll head out. I don’t want to bother you.” Van started to herd Claire out of the room.
          “You’re not a bother. You’re more than welcome to stay.”
          “Thanks. Maybe another time.” Korbin waved good-bye.
          “You look great, Claire, by the way.”
          “Thanks!” Van shut the door behind them and they went outside. “Why didn’t you want to stay?”
          “Um…sometimes Korbin can be a bit…uncomfortable. He, uh, asks really personal questions.”
          “Let’s just watch the stars. It’s a perfect night.” Claire smiled and followed Van down to the park.
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VSS Part 4

            Van picked Claire up in his car, which was a black Nissan Maxima. Claire slid into the passenger seat.
            “Nice car! Is it new?”
            “Yeah. It was gift from my parents before coming to college.”
            “Are they rich?” Van laughed.
            “Kinda.” They started toward the highway. “We’re going to the city.”
            “Really?” Van saw the excitement in her eyes.
            “I love the city. It’s beautiful at night. By the way, you look fantastic.” Claire blushed.
            “You don’t look half bad yourself.” Van could smell the perfume and soap on her body, but that didn’t cover up the scent of her blood. He took a deep breath, wishing he could taste her, but opened the windows a little instead. “Hot?”
            “It’s just stuffy in here. Do you mind?”
            “Not at all. So…tell me about your brother.”
            “Korbin? What do you want to know?”
            “He’s older, right? What level is he?”
            “He’s a freshman, like us.”
            “How old is he?”
            “Oh. Why did he wait to go to college?”
            “He waited for me to graduate high school. We wanted to go at the same time. We’re pretty close.” Claire smiled to herself. “What are you smiling about?”
            “Oh, nothing.”
            “That’s just cute, that’s all.”
            “Cute?” Van raised his eyebrows at the word.
            “Yeah. You guys are really close. I know brothers who don’t even speak to each other. It’s nice.”
            “Oh.” Van shrugged his shoulders. “We’ve always been close. We do most things together, so it just seemed logical to start college together. Do you have any siblings?”
            “Yeah. I have a fourteen-year-old sister.”
            “Is she a lot like you?”
            “No.” Claire laughed. “She is the exact opposite of me. She has a temper and is boy crazy. She’s a hard-worker, but lacks motivation sometimes. She’s a handful, but I love her. We’re pretty close. It’s hard being so far away from her.”
            “Where’s home?”
            “Ohio. Where’s home for you?”
            “Tennessee. What are your parents like?”
            “They’re the best parents. They aren’t very strict. They’re fair, and they support me in all of my decisions.”
            “Even boys you date?”
            “Yeah. They haven’t objected to any yet. Why, worried?”
            “Just curious.”
            “What about your parents?”
            “They died in a fire when I was young.”
            “I’m so sorry.”
            “It’s okay. Their best friends adopted Korbin and I. That’s probably another reason why we’re so close. Anyway, they’re great people. They’ve always been there for us.”
            “Do you miss your parents?”
            “Yeah. I was only four when it happened. Korbin was nine so he remembers more than I do. We don’t talk about it much.”
            “I understand.” Van turned onto the highway toward the city. “So, how did you become so interested in poetry?”
            “It’s the only thing I remember about my mother. She used to read me poetry every night before I went to bed. She had the most beautiful voice.”
            “So, why does Korbin want to study criminal justice?”
            “Well, he was closer to dad, than I was. My father was a…soldier.”
            “Oh, okay. What branch?”
            “Um…he was more of a Special Forces soldier. Classified stuff.”
            “Wow. That’s intense.”
            “And Korbin wants to do that?”
            “He’s not sure exactly. He wants to do something in the career field. What about your parents?”
            “My dad’s a mechanic and my mom’s a waitress. We’ve never had money, but it didn’t bother me. We got by.”
            “I’d like to meet your family sometime. They sound pleasant.”
            “Well, maybe one day you will. What about your adoptive parents? What do they do?”
            “Well, mom doesn’t work. She raised us. She and my real mother were best friends since they were kids. Dad is CEO of a company.”
            “So they are rich.” Van smiled.
            “I don’t like to advertise it, but, yes. They are well off.” They reached the city and found a parking spot. Van helped Claire out of the car and they walked down the sidewalk. They saw paparazzi flashes their cameras at some stars in a car.
            “Is that…?” Van shook his head.
            “Yeah. I just don’t understand the whole hype about those books.”
            “What? The Twilight series?”
            “Yeah. I mean, do girls really want a sparkly vampire?” Claire laughed. “Those vampires just aren’t how they are supposed to be.”
            “I don’t know, but I read the books. They weren’t bad. My sister is a fanatic, though.” Claire laughed. “She loves those books.”
            “Do you like them?”
            “They’re not bad. I don’t particularly like Bella. She’s a little annoying for my taste and she’s not a strong female character. I think women should be strong.”
            “And Edward?” Claire smiled.
            “He’s…not bad. I don’t want to make you jealous.” Van laughed.
            “Me jealous of a fictional vampire? Never. Is that how you’d envision vampires, if they existed?”
            “Probably not. I mean, for something to drink human blood, they’d have to be…mean, right?”
            “So, you think they have no soul?”
            “No. I just think they can’t help themselves. I mean, if there was a buffet of gourmet foods, it’d be hard for me not to dig in. I just think, if vampires existed, it would be very hard for them to control their appetites since humans are basically walking buffets.”
            “What if vampires did exist?”
            “Hypothetically speaking?”
            “Yeah. Would you be afraid?” Claire thought about it.
            “I don’t know. I wouldn’t be filled with fear. I’d find it fascinating, personally. You?”
            “I’d…be cautious.” They arrived at the restaurant and Van said a name to the hostess. They were seated immediately. The restaurant was elegant and lit with candles. Claire looked around in awe. Van smiled as he watched her and pushed her seat in for her. He took a seat across from her. “This lighting makes you look stunning.” Van saw the blood rush to her cheeks.
            “I’ve never been to any place this expensive. I feel underdressed.” Van smiled.
            “Nonsense. You look better than every other woman in here.” They were given menus and Claire couldn’t believe the prices of the meals. The menus were in a different language, too. “Would you like some assistance?” She looked up at Van, who was smiling.
            “What’s good here?”
            “Everything, but I’ll order you something that is spectacular.” The waiter came and Van ordered for the two of them. “Also, could you bring a glass of your special red wine, please?” The waiter nodded. Van looked at Claire. “Would you like anything to drink?”
            “I’m not twenty-one.”
            “It’s okay.” He turned back to the waiter and ordered a light white wine for her. The waiter turned and left, and Van turned his attention back to his date. Claire had her eyebrows raised. “My dad has connections.”
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VSS Part 2

            The first week of classes went by smoothly for Van. He had realized that he was more advanced in his subjects than his classmates. Maybe it was his lack of socializing or just the fact that he loved literature. He was a nerd, in that sense.
            Korbin was gone for the weekend so Van had the room to himself. He enjoyed the peacefulness that accompanied the absence of his brother. Usually he spent the whole time reading his favorite classics.
            Saturday afternoon, Van was sitting under the shade of a tree in a park on campus reading one of his novels. He looked over across the park when he heard several girls laughing. He recognized one the girls to be Claire. There were five girls and they were sitting on blankets, talking. Some of them were sunbathing while others were painting their nails. Van was only looking at Claire, her smile brightening her face more than the sun ever could.
            Her cheeks formed half-moons when she smiled. Her eyes glittered like light caught on the sea and her laughter wasn’t as high as her friends.
            Van stared at her for a few moments and then shook his head.
            What are you doing, Van? What are you thinking? This is a human girl. A human! Are you crazy?
            He looked over at her again, her hair blowing away from her face by the wind.
            “I am crazy.”
            The next day Van was studying in the library. Korbin had come back early that day with his girlfriend. Van tried to avoid the room as much as possible when they were in it. His phone, which was sitting on the table, kept distracting him from his reading. He finally set his book down and picked up the phone to dial the number that he couldn’t get off his mind.
            “Hey, it’s Van.”
            “Oh, Hey!”
            “I was just wondering what you were up to.”
            “I am studying outside in the park. It’s a beautiful day! Wanna join me?”
            “Um, no thanks. Too much sun gives me a headache. I’m in the library. Want to join me?”
            “Sure! I’ll see ya in a few!” click. Van put his phone back in his pocket and took a deep breath. A few minutes later he saw Claire walk into the library and waved her over. She was smiling as she walked toward him. She set her bag down and sat across from him. “Hey, poet boy, what are you working on today?” Van smiled and turned the book he was reading around for her to see. “You’re a Stephen King fan?”
            “I guess not.”
            “I enjoy reading all sorts of books. You?”
            “Only certain kinds.”
            “And what would those be?” Claire leaned forward slightly.
            “Don’t tell anyone, because I’m not a fanatic, but I enjoy reading fantasy romance, specifically ones about vampires and werewolves.” Van sucked in his breath for a few seconds. “Do you think that’s childish?” Van shook his head.
            “No. Lots of women enjoy those kinds of books. I’ve read a few just to see what is so intriguing about them, but they’re not-” Van cut himself off, because he was going to say that they weren’t very accurate. “what I expected.” Claire snickered.
            “Most men don’t know what romance novels consist of.”
            “Is that how women wish their lives were?”
            “Like a vampire romance novel? Sometimes.”
            “Do you?” His intense eyes studied her as she thought over an answer. Before she could say anything, however, Korbin walked up to their table.
            “May I talk with you?” Van looked up at his brother and then followed him outside. Once outside, Korbin turned on his brother. “What the hell are you doing?”
“What do you mean?”
            “She’s human, Van! Human!”
            “I know that.”
            “Oh, yeah? And you just don’t care?” Korbin shook his head as he turned his back to Van. He walked a few feet away and then stopped and faced him again. “Keep it up and you’ll turn her into one of us. And when that happens, she will hate you.” He turned and walked away, leaving Van alone.
            Van slowly walked back into the library and sat down across from Claire.
            “Are you alright?” Van rubbed his forehead.
            “Yeah.” Claire crinkled her forehead.
            “Are you sure? Anything I can do?” Van smirked and looked at her. So innocent.
            “No. Thanks, though. Where were we?” Claire smiled.
            “Well, you asked me if I wanted my life to be like a romance novel.”
            “A fantasy romance novel. More specifically, vampire.” Claire laughed and a few people looked over at their table. She lowered her voice and leaned toward Van.
            “Well, I probably wouldn’t mind if it’s anything like in the books, but it would conflict with my dream of becoming a pediatrician. You know, the whole drinking blood and having living patients would prove a problem.”
            “Of course.”
            “Of course.” Claire smiled. “What about you? Would you ever consider being a vampire if it were possible?”
            “If I had the choice, I would prefer to stay human.”
            “Really? That’s not fun. You wouldn’t even want to be a werewolf or warlock?” Van shook his head.
            “Werewolves are too hairy and warlocks usually live alone.” Claire laughed.
            “You are a funny guy, Van. So, you’d be human? Nothing special?”
            “Humans are special. I think they are underestimated, really.” Claire raised her eyebrows.
            “You are strange.” Claire looked around the library. There were only a few people in there because of the nice weather.
            “Claire,” she looked at Van, “do you want to do something this weekend?” She looked into his eyes and smiled.
            “I would love that. What do you have in mind?” Van smirked.
            “I want to surprise you.” Claire laughed.
            “I should have known you’d want to surprise me.” She stood up and grabbed her backpack. “So Friday at seven? See ya then.” She turned and walked out of the library. Van gathered his things up in his arms and headed to his room, hoping his brother wasn’t there. Unfortunately, he was.
            Van set his bag down by his bed and sat down at his computer, turning it on. Korbin had been reading a magazine on his bed, but upon seeing Van, sat up and put his magazine aside. Van didn’t even look at his brother but just held up his hand.
            “No, Korbin, I don’t want to hear it. I’m taking Claire out on a date Friday night, and you’re not talking me out of it.”
            “Van, I’m not trying to sound like dad or anything, but is this really what you want? Have you thought this through completely?” Van turned to face Korbin.
            “Yes, I have.”
            “Okay. Then, I’ll leave you alone. I don’t have anything against Claire. I mean, she is quite stunning, but you’re okay with turning her into a vampire?” Van didn’t reply. “That’s what I thought. Van, you can’t fall in love with her and keep her human. It doesn’t work like that.”
            “I know! I know.” Van put his head in his hands and grabbed his hair. “I don’t know what to do.”
            “Do you like her?”
            “Yeah. She’s funny, unique, beautiful, and I think she likes me. She always has this cute little smile that lights up her face. And she makes me happy.”
            “Then you need to tell her the truth.”
            “And if she rejects what I am?”
            “Then you have to let her go.”
            “What if she still likes me, but doesn’t want to become a vamp herself?”
            “Then you need to let her go. Van, if you love her, then you will do whatever makes her happy.” Van sighed heavily. They were silent for several minutes.
            “Korb, what if a cure could be found?” Korbin shook his head and picked his magazine back up.
            “No, Van. Don’t even go there. We’ve been over this.”
            “But, if I found a cure, Korb, I could be with Claire. Don’t you see?” Korbin set down his magazine.
            “No, Van! I don’t see! Why can’t you just accept what you are? Why can’t you like it? What is so wrong with us, Van? Huh?” Van didn’t say anything. “Forget it. You wanna go look for some cure that may not even exist? Go right ahead.”
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