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Best of You


“I’ve got another confession my friend, I’m no fool. I’m getting tired of starting again somewhere new.”*

How often have I heard or seen someone tired of starting again? How many times have I heard of a friend unhappy in a relationship or lack thereof?

In a world where we rely on technology and people to show us how to live our lives, is it any wonder so many are unhappy? We turn and look at the person next to us, comparing what they have with what we’ve got, and then we turn and look at our smartphone to see what the world has that we do not.

We bury ourselves in things that should make us happy based on others’ thoughts, but does it really? Is that new outfit going to fulfill your heart? Is that late night going to make up for a bad day or just make you temporarily forget? What happens when you wake up and still feel the same?

The truth is that we turn so much that we forget to look straight ahead in a mirror. We forget to look at ourselves. What makes us happy, what gives us enjoyment, what motivates us. The fact is, it isn’t a ‘what’ but a ‘who’. We are our worst enemy and yet we forget that we are our best friend as well. By looking at ourselves in the mirror, perhaps one of those times, we can see who really matters and really see the only person who can change our lives and make us happy.

Every day is filled with choices. Some people have more choices than others, but there are still choices nonetheless. But, you see, there’s another question that bothers me even more.

“Is someone getting the best of you?”*

I think this goes beyond making our own happiness, because in so many instances we choose to make ourselves unhappy. We choose a path that leads somewhere we feel more certain about, rather than leaving the path and going on our own into an adventure. Perhaps some people are not naturally adventurous, but why do we consistently choose a path that we already know doesn’t make us happy? Maybe we aren’t unhappy, but true happiness, not a life of complaining and daydreaming of something else, is what we really wish for. Has happiness really become so unbelievable for some people that they would rather wake up ‘okay’ each day? Isn’t there more to this short life on earth?

So this is for all of my friends who are searching and losing and who are frustrated and feel unloved. This is for you, who think it’s ‘good enough’. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t and it isn’t working. Look in the mirror. You are beautiful. You are unique. You. Only you.

Only you can know your heart. Only you can know your happiness. Only you can know what is the best of you.

The best of you. That part of you that gives someone a light in their eye, that shines from you when you walk into a room, that makes others want to know, ‘What makes that person so different?’ The best of you.

Only you know what that is and only you can give the best of you away. If someone does have the best of you, then hold onto that thought and let it fill you with happiness. Don’t take it for granted. If not, then you’ve answered your long list of questions. Go and be you. No one else can. There is only one of you.

So I will ask again:

“Is someone getting the best of you?”*





*Lyrics by Foo Fighters


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Wonton or Dumpling?

My life has always seemed to be filled with randomness. Perhaps just because of that, or maybe because I try to see things as I walk through everyday life. Either way, for as long as I can remember, random things have happened to and around me.

I love that word: random. It doesn’t imply chaos or anxiety. It doesn’t hold a firm or commanding tone. It just is. It implies the simplicity of its meaning: just because. If it were a motion, it would be a shrug. If it were punctuation, it would be an ellipsis. If it were a biological term, it would be cytoskeleton. It just is and it doesn’t care.

I enjoy counting, recording, and remembering all of the random things I see everyday. Sometimes I may not see anything and other days are filled with occurrences that boggle my mind. Each time, however, always brings a smile to my face, even if I must disguise it.

One of my favorite random occurrences was when I was in my undergraduate courses and had to take a survey for the university on how they were performing. I’m sure any university student has seen these surveys. They are all pretty much the same. This one happened to be multiple choice and as I skimmed though most of the questions, I came upon the last question, which not only made me smile but outright made me laugh. The question was this:

How many squirrels do you feed in a week?

a) 0

b) 1-10

c) >20

d) I don’t feed squirrels. I eat them!

Now, it was true that my campus was infested with those cute little rodents, but this question just made me love my university more. I think having a bit of randomness within you is a good thing. It creates spontaneity. It fills you with life, from within. So go ahead and be random, and if anyone frowns at you for it, then they haven’t felt the wind of life in their soul.

Oh, and of course I chose option “d”.

W or D?


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Drilling Trees & Whatnot

So I apologize to my followers for such a lengthy time away from my blog. I really have no excuse aside from a busy schedule with work and my research. My research, which consists of me wandering the forest, has been slowly progressing. This week will prove to be more productive due to a multitude of supplies that have recently arrived. 😀 <– That is my happy face for not having to wait any longer. I figured I should do a quick update of my activities since I had been MIA for awhile. The photos are of some of my work that I have been doing. I will try to update sooner rather than later. Until then, though, chao!

p.s. Anyone watch Downton Abbey? I finally caught up and have mixed feelings about the ending to Season 3…




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Our world, our lives are filled with indicators. Look around you and see how many things you can point out that dictate your life. I often wish we lived in a place without things to tell us where to go or what to do or what time it is.

Would we know how fast we were going without a speedometer in our car? Would we be able to feel the temperature without a thermometer? Would we even know what day or month it is without a calendar? Would it matter?

What do all of these indicators do for us? Really. How relative is time? We think it is important based on getting to work on time or meeting up with people or catching the news, but is it really important to our existence?

If we had to use the sun as our only indicator, would it kill us to just be ‘approximate’? What is wrong with slowing life down a little? We could still meet people and get to places. It just wouldn’t be on that exact minute. Why does everything have to be on the minute? Why not within the hour? Or even sometime within a day?

Our lives have become dominated with indicators to the point that we wouldn’t know what to do without them. Forget technology (although they contain many indicators), and think of if you could go one day or even one week without a watch, a thermometer, a calendar, a phone, an oven temperature gauge, a gas meter in your car, a tv…

Why let things dominate our daily lives when we could be more at ease and free…

Could we ever adapt to such a life?



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Dance in Color

Beauty comes from the soul of a person, not the skin. If it came from the skin, then people would be divided into two races: glowing, flawless skin and boils pussing from each pore.

The world is a beautiful painting filled with colors of the rainbow and light of the prism, both seen and unseen. Cultures make this rich blend like coffee beans of many countries, combined to create a sweet aroma of the people of the world. Celebrate each difference together and rejoice with the purest joy and then the true spirit of the world will reveal herself to you. She will embrace you like the prodigal son and never let you forget the feeling of bliss: a world with no skin color, no language, no money, no status… open your eyes and see the true beauty of our Mother, the only Mother, we all share together on this one planet. Dance in the colors of life, falling from the sky like rain in the spring, and together we will dance as She comforts us under her blankets of clouds. Brown, peach, yellow, hazel, sand, white… one song, the song of the earth, joins us hand in hand in a dance for no one and everyone, for the named and the nameless, for the forgotten and the fame, for the lucky and the struggling… Do not simply look at the painting of beauty, jump into it, dive into it, drown in it. Swim amongst its pages of calligraphy and cleanse yourself with the joy of knowledge and freedom.

Is there hope for humanity? I see hope in every child’s innocent smile, in every arm raised together in love, in every embrace of acceptance… there is hope as long as there is laughter and love.

If every continent were connected by underwater passageways, would the blend of cultures and peoples create a unity of love for each other as fellow man and woman?

Can someone be proud of their country and culture, and still accept everyone else in the world or will jealousy and rivalry interject into every conversation?


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Wisdom will Die with You

For the past week I have been pondering the very existence of man. I do not doubt that we exist, but I have been asking myself, ‘why?’. What is the purpose of mankind? I would like to think of myself as making a difference in the world, but am I? What have I got to offer to the world that the world needs, that it doesn’t already have?

My whole life I have been driven to be better. Every time I accomplish one thing, I move on, without so much as a blink of the eye, and work on the next project, that will be bigger and better than the last. I have been doing this for over twenty years now and have never stopped to think what exactly I am accomplishing… until this week.

I was doing my research for my degree, when all of a sudden I wondered why I was doing it. Would it contribute in some way to help mankind or is it just an illusion of knowledge? What could I do that would last centuries? I realized that this research would only last as long as the next person comes along and takes it one step further. Sure, I could do this research and make it better each time, but one day I will die, and what then? What was the point? What are we are striving for that will last past our days of living?

Some people call it their legacy. Some even call their children their legacy, but what of the people without kids? What if we look beyond our own kind, beyond human beings… what will be remembered then?

I have always wanted to gain more and more knowledge. I read everything from newspapers to novels. I talk to people from different careers, cultures, and countries. I even strive to learn three languages. My life is consumed by the desire to know more. But what does this knowledge do for me? Where does it get me?

I heard today someone say this, “You can have all of the knowledge, but if you don’t know how to use it, you have no wisdom. Without wisdom, you are useless.” Are you useless? Am I? I ask again, where does this knowledge get me? What do I want to leave behind in this world that will be remembered by people generations from now? What do I want to leave behind…

I can honestly say that I don’t know, but that I hope to know one day, perhaps when I am ready to take on that challenge. So many things on this planet do not need the knowledge that we crave. The trees, the animals, the water, the very air. It is all so magnificent and it is exactly as it should be. Where will our thumbprint be after we die? Who will remember?

Maybe it’s not even about people. Do we need to be remembered to feel important? Maybe adopting a little puppy will remember your cuddles. Maybe the waves will remember you enjoying the surf. Maybe a higher power will smile down at you and embrace you upon your death.

So, what is worth doing in this lifetime? We only get one. We cannot rewind or pause. What really matters?

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you.” Job 12:7-8


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