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Thursdays always tend to be busy for me, but today was exceptionally so. I must say, however, that I do not feel anything really happened. I had a two-hour meeting this morning with some important people who didn’t give me a lot of information, even though that was the purpose of the meeting. Then I had work at an electronic store for four hours, selling video games to customers who either enjoyed my smile or liked that a girl was a ‘gamer’. Now I am home, dressing down into a tye-dye t-shirt, ready to go to band practice to play my bass. Then at about 9:30 when we end practice, I will need to go work for two hours at a different job. Busy, busy, right?

I actually do enjoy selling video games, even if I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer. I think I just enjoy interacting with people different to myself. I do play games. I use to play a lot of Nintendo (DS & Wii) and PC online games, before I moved, but now I just play a little PS3 when I want some mindless activity after a long day. I stick to RPG (role-playing games) because as a writer, I am always intrigued by a good story, which keeps me playing. I like watching other people play games as well. I could just sit and watch people play shooters or driving games all day. I don’t know why that entertains me.

I enjoy Thursdays, however, because it isn’t tough, just long, and band practice always feels nice and wakes me up by the end of it. I don’t consider myself a good bass player, but I do practice regularly and just started three months ago. I think my progress is good, rather than my skill.

I must find some time to work on my PhD…

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