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Updates & Mondays

Mondays… Are Mondays so difficult to ‘get into’ due to such a great weekend or because of having a crappy job? This Monday, for me, was due to having such a great/relaxing weekend, but I suppose most of us despise returning to the place where we must go to pay for the bills, rather than the place we wish we were.
My e-book cover for Pure Blood is so great! Just putting some finishing touches before I reveal/publish the new cover. The second cover is getting translated (since my graphic designer is Colombian) and then started on as well. I am so excited. I believe my second book is more delightful and more mysterious than my first book. The first book, being more of an introduction to the story and characters, is normal when it comes to series. Overall, I am excited.

I think the next interview with a character will be Crix, although he is more shy than Rip. Rip has also filled out a questionnaire for all of his fans. Does he wear boxers or briefs? Is that too weird, when talking about a (fictional) teenager? Hmm…

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