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Five Shades of Blue



How magnificent is the ocean. It never yields to people. It never gets destroyed physically by things. It is the epitome of power and grace. Calm one minute and crashing death the next. Beautiful sounds and smells, all created by the most abundant thing on the planet.

It does not care. It does not feel. It breathes with each recessing wave. It gives us peace as we go back to where we came from.

How magnificent is the ocean.


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Escaping the City

Today I happened upon a nice little path that led me into creation…

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Dance in Color

Beauty comes from the soul of a person, not the skin. If it came from the skin, then people would be divided into two races: glowing, flawless skin and boils pussing from each pore.

The world is a beautiful painting filled with colors of the rainbow and light of the prism, both seen and unseen. Cultures make this rich blend like coffee beans of many countries, combined to create a sweet aroma of the people of the world. Celebrate each difference together and rejoice with the purest joy and then the true spirit of the world will reveal herself to you. She will embrace you like the prodigal son and never let you forget the feeling of bliss: a world with no skin color, no language, no money, no status… open your eyes and see the true beauty of our Mother, the only Mother, we all share together on this one planet. Dance in the colors of life, falling from the sky like rain in the spring, and together we will dance as She comforts us under her blankets of clouds. Brown, peach, yellow, hazel, sand, white… one song, the song of the earth, joins us hand in hand in a dance for no one and everyone, for the named and the nameless, for the forgotten and the fame, for the lucky and the struggling… Do not simply look at the painting of beauty, jump into it, dive into it, drown in it. Swim amongst its pages of calligraphy and cleanse yourself with the joy of knowledge and freedom.

Is there hope for humanity? I see hope in every child’s innocent smile, in every arm raised together in love, in every embrace of acceptance… there is hope as long as there is laughter and love.

If every continent were connected by underwater passageways, would the blend of cultures and peoples create a unity of love for each other as fellow man and woman?

Can someone be proud of their country and culture, and still accept everyone else in the world or will jealousy and rivalry interject into every conversation?


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Crusty Magnificence

My Japanese friend, Tomo (which means ‘friend’ in Japanese), visited me this week! We had a fantastic week where we didn’t sleep a lot but saw many beautiful things. We went to an island called Phillip Island. It can get quite crowded in the summer months with tourism, because the island is famous for wild penguins, but we went on a day that still had a chill in the air.

The island was charming, but the most magnificent part was a view that not many people visited. The Pinnacles. Ancient rock that crashed through the Earth’s crust millions of years ago stood against the brilliant cerulean sea> Even the grass on the hill we sat looked like we had stepped into a photoshopped picture. The colors could not have been more vivid.

I have not felt that at peace with nature and that inspired for a long time. Generally I get my inspiration from the forest or ocean, but this view took my breath away, quite literally. I don’t think I could have been any happier in that moment.

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Wisdom will Die with You

For the past week I have been pondering the very existence of man. I do not doubt that we exist, but I have been asking myself, ‘why?’. What is the purpose of mankind? I would like to think of myself as making a difference in the world, but am I? What have I got to offer to the world that the world needs, that it doesn’t already have?

My whole life I have been driven to be better. Every time I accomplish one thing, I move on, without so much as a blink of the eye, and work on the next project, that will be bigger and better than the last. I have been doing this for over twenty years now and have never stopped to think what exactly I am accomplishing… until this week.

I was doing my research for my degree, when all of a sudden I wondered why I was doing it. Would it contribute in some way to help mankind or is it just an illusion of knowledge? What could I do that would last centuries? I realized that this research would only last as long as the next person comes along and takes it one step further. Sure, I could do this research and make it better each time, but one day I will die, and what then? What was the point? What are we are striving for that will last past our days of living?

Some people call it their legacy. Some even call their children their legacy, but what of the people without kids? What if we look beyond our own kind, beyond human beings… what will be remembered then?

I have always wanted to gain more and more knowledge. I read everything from newspapers to novels. I talk to people from different careers, cultures, and countries. I even strive to learn three languages. My life is consumed by the desire to know more. But what does this knowledge do for me? Where does it get me?

I heard today someone say this, “You can have all of the knowledge, but if you don’t know how to use it, you have no wisdom. Without wisdom, you are useless.” Are you useless? Am I? I ask again, where does this knowledge get me? What do I want to leave behind in this world that will be remembered by people generations from now? What do I want to leave behind…

I can honestly say that I don’t know, but that I hope to know one day, perhaps when I am ready to take on that challenge. So many things on this planet do not need the knowledge that we crave. The trees, the animals, the water, the very air. It is all so magnificent and it is exactly as it should be. Where will our thumbprint be after we die? Who will remember?

Maybe it’s not even about people. Do we need to be remembered to feel important? Maybe adopting a little puppy will remember your cuddles. Maybe the waves will remember you enjoying the surf. Maybe a higher power will smile down at you and embrace you upon your death.

So, what is worth doing in this lifetime? We only get one. We cannot rewind or pause. What really matters?

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you.” Job 12:7-8


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I Speak for the Trees

Tell me your secrets,

that hide within.

Tell me your troubles,

that burn inside.

Tell me, old one,

what have you seen?

Reality slips as I see

what once was

and now is.

Shall we lose your beauty?

Shall we regret

what has been done?

Shall we even remember?


I want to hear your voice!

I want to hear your anger,

your sadness,

your story.


and I will listen.


and I will tell others

of the wonders and wars

you have seen!


because no one can hear you.


Can you speak?


Can we hear?

We are deaf to your language.

We lost your trust.

You will not speak

to us


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Snail Stepping:

the new art of trying to avoid stepping on snails when the sidewalks are covered with them. It could also be looked at as a dance…

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