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What makes pirates so fascinating? Is it the clothing? Is it the language? The ships? The lack of hygiene? Johnny Depp? Regardless of why, it is apparent that pirates, for awhile now, have gained popularity, not that the pirates care. 

I don’t know the reasons of others, but I, myself, have always loved pirate lore. I don’t mean the Disney movies, even though they were good. When I was young, I would read nonfiction books about famous pirates, such as Blackbeard, Black Bart, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, and various others during the Golden Age of Piracy. Pirates date all the way back to ancient times, way before infamous names were spoken with fear, and continue today, although less glorified. 

My fascination of pirates stems from many things, but the biggest being freedom. I love the idea of being able to sail the ocean with no agenda, but just to feel the waves rock you back and forth. I love the idea of sword-fighting, pistol shooting, rum-drinking, and plundering your way through life. I love the idea of living in a freedom that allows you to do what you want.

Now, would I be a good pirate? Probably not. I’m too nice. But you never have heard of a pirate who wasn’t happy. Isn’t that what humanity seeks? Happiness. We all strive for it one way or another, whether it be making enough money to not have debts or living close to family to grow stronger together. It’s all relative. Pirates always seemed happy, even if their lifespan was short. Perhaps that is why people adore the legends of piracy.

So, whether you’re a buccaneer or privateer, do you ever dream of a life of piracy?


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Fruity Piracy

Dark, insolent peaches!

Curse you, apples of the South!

Pillaging and partaking

in the shenanigans

of the bananas!

Marooning the apricot!

Splicing the strawberries!

Raping the watermelon

of its seed!

Prepare to adhere

to the devil himself!

Coconut Jones.



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