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Wear Love

I hope this doesn’t come off ‘hippie-like’. Nor do I wish to sound like those Miss Universe contestants wanting world peace, because that is logically impossible as long as there is diversity and misunderstanding in the world.

I do believe, however, that love can solve anything, but in saying that, it may be one of the most difficult things to do. Why is love so powerful? Perhaps because it is so gentle.

Loving without opinion, without prejudice, is much more challenging, because humans are prone to judging. It is natural, but that does not mean it is right.



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When we bleed, We bleed the same

I know most people judge each other based on culture, language, and race, but why are we prejudice about careers, family life, and daily decisions? This is a common trap among society today and I even find myself caught occasionally. I blame the way we think, the disrespect, the ignorance.

Today I was riding the bus and I was so disturbed by the lack of respect by a menopausal woman to the bus driver. It actually made me angry to the point where I wanted to confront her. She was complaining about how the bus wasn’t leaving and it was supposed to leave at 8:30. She claimed it was 8:35 (based on her wristwatch), when in fact the satellite clocks on the bus said 8:28. Now, I don’t know if she was having a bad day or maybe there were other factors in her life making her so unpleasant, but she was making the driver feel like sh**. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, because I don’t know what is going on in their lives. Maybe something truly terrible has happened to them. However, this driver did not deserve her snide comments and angry retorts.

Is driving a bus less dignified or respectable than being a CEO of a business? Does selling fruit on the street make you a beggar? No! Stop acting like you are better! Without people who provide a service, we would have to make our own coffee or change the brakes on our cars! We would have to go pick the food off of a farm and even grow it ourselves! I hate the phrase ‘shut up’, but I believe it is time to use it. Shut up with the complaining and the prejudice! Why must we think this way? When did nobility and modesty become old-fashioned?

We are all here on the planet together, and it is only together that we will thrive. It is true, we do all bleed the same. Calling someone names or telling someone they are not ‘worth it’, that their life and their job is not important, pierces the heart. Enough stab wounds and it will bleed out. The heart will dry out and die, and if the body has no heart, no soul, then it is nothing more than a walking corpse. It does not beat with life. It is not alive.

By causing harm, by disrespecting other people, you are killing them. It is like a poison that slowly spreads throughout the body…

I don’t want to live in a dead world anymore. Nor do I want my children to grow up in a soulless status.

So my question is to you: Are you alive?


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Last night was a big event for Unite Thornbury! We had such a multi-cultural group with lots of smiles and love in their hearts. I feel so blessed to have found a group of people who I may call my family without having any blood relation. I think that is true love, because with your family, it is often expected to love each other ‘just because’ you are related. You must, in a sense. Sometimes if you don’t love someone in your family, people think you are strange or that something is wrong…

However, loving a person for WHO they are, not how you know them, is even more powerful, I believe. You have no reasons, no relations, no blood to love them and, yet, you do. How amazing is that love?! Think of a best friend or your spouse… it feels so much more free to be who you are. No judging, no prejudice, no expectations, because they know YOU.

It frustrates me when I am judged based on my friends, my family, my culture, my language, my country, etc, etc… It is unbelievably frustrating, because I just want people to see me! Why is that so hard in today’s world? Everyone gets so comfortable being with their ‘own kind’, but I never understood what that meant, because we are all human beings on the same earth! Why must we judge? Why must we envy? Love, people! Love is so powerful: more powerful than all other feelings, and we still disregard it as weakness. Why? Is it weak to cry when holding a newborn baby? Is it weak to hug a brother with another skin color? Is it weak to laugh and joke in all different languages? Is it really weak? Love…

I often dream about a world that is so filled with love, that is alters the entire planet. What would it be like? To love one another, to love all creatures, to love cities and nature… Just love…


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