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Beautiful Nightmare

Sleep to some people is an escape from reality, letting them live the way they wished. That is how dreams work. Dreams are magical in that they allow anyone to be and do anything, with no restrictions. If this is true, however, then don’t dreams abuse people? Dreams will give you an expectation for reality that can never be reached, making you believe that reality is not enough, never satisfying. Then you will never want to wake up from a dream, but stay in slumber your whole life in order to feel happiness. What would you do if you could never dream?

Then there are some people who are living a dream. They wake up and feel blessed and happy to have opened their eyes another day. For them, reality is the dream, and sleeping is just part of the routine.

Think carefully about what your dream really is, because you never realize you are living a dream until you wake up and find yourself in a nightmare…

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