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Let us be young.

I think I never grew up in spirit. My soul still feels light and vulnerable and innocent, but my mind feels wise. A contradiction, I know. Perhaps I was never meant to grow up but to always be as a child. I think I saw the beauty of being young and never wanted to lose that essence: the wide-eyed look of curiosity, the pure joy of discovery, the silliness of a giggle, the simple pleasure of not having it together. That is who I wanted to be, who I am trying to keep alive, and who I am. I think everyone keeps a part of their child-ness inside them but keep it hidden due to fear. Judgement, criticism, banishment. This is what society does to our spirit: choke it with fear. Why do we care when the purest form of ourselves is our soul? Should not we embrace it, nourish it, compel it? Should not we be who we truly are?

Let us stay young.


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Dance in Color

Beauty comes from the soul of a person, not the skin. If it came from the skin, then people would be divided into two races: glowing, flawless skin and boils pussing from each pore.

The world is a beautiful painting filled with colors of the rainbow and light of the prism, both seen and unseen. Cultures make this rich blend like coffee beans of many countries, combined to create a sweet aroma of the people of the world. Celebrate each difference together and rejoice with the purest joy and then the true spirit of the world will reveal herself to you. She will embrace you like the prodigal son and never let you forget the feeling of bliss: a world with no skin color, no language, no money, no status… open your eyes and see the true beauty of our Mother, the only Mother, we all share together on this one planet. Dance in the colors of life, falling from the sky like rain in the spring, and together we will dance as She comforts us under her blankets of clouds. Brown, peach, yellow, hazel, sand, white… one song, the song of the earth, joins us hand in hand in a dance for no one and everyone, for the named and the nameless, for the forgotten and the fame, for the lucky and the struggling… Do not simply look at the painting of beauty, jump into it, dive into it, drown in it. Swim amongst its pages of calligraphy and cleanse yourself with the joy of knowledge and freedom.

Is there hope for humanity? I see hope in every child’s innocent smile, in every arm raised together in love, in every embrace of acceptance… there is hope as long as there is laughter and love.

If every continent were connected by underwater passageways, would the blend of cultures and peoples create a unity of love for each other as fellow man and woman?

Can someone be proud of their country and culture, and still accept everyone else in the world or will jealousy and rivalry interject into every conversation?


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