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¿Cachaco o Rolo?

Here are some random expressions and slang words used by Colombians, more specifically from Bogotá:

qué chanda – how awful!

me están robandoen mi cara – (They are) cheating me to my face.

aye Dios mío – My God! (bad)

juemadre vida – crap! I can’t believe it!

juemadre – crap!

qué increíble – incredible! (good or bad)

¿En serio? En serio. – Really? Really. (“He took my car without my permission!” “Really?” “Really.”)

severo – cool

chévere – really cool

chimba – really really cool (but not used by older generations. This is kind of a derogatory word to describe something you really like, so be careful how you use it. Not usually used by women either, unless they are ‘rough’.)

gringo – foreigner, more specifically from the United States [“¿Tu eres una gringa?”] (“Are you a foreiner?”)

¿Qué más? – what’s up? [“¿Qué más, parce?”] (What’s up, buddy?)

Usted está igualito. – “You haven’t changed.”

thinner/aquadiente – strong, clear ligueur that smells and tastes like black licorice. sold in cartons or bottle

flaca – thin [“Ella es flaca.”] (“She is thin.”)

charlar – to chat [“Charlamos.”] (“Let’s chat.”)

chino – quite literally means ‘chinese’ but is used more commonly to refer to a small child

marica – means faggot, but is used among friends

nonas/nonos – no

sisas – yes (kind of street slang)

parce/parcero – friend

al pelo – cool, okay, perfect, very good (This is a confusing expression, because it doesn’t have an English translation and can change meaning depending on context.) [“¿Va a venir esta noche?” “Si.” “Al pelo.”] (“Are you coming over tonight?” “Yes.” “Perfect.”)

qué video – lie, overreaction, problem (again, depending on context)

borracho – drunk [“¿Estás barracho?” “Sisas.”]

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