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As a little girl, and one of the few girls within my large family, I was constantly pressured (indirectly most of the time) to be a ‘girl’. What did this mean? It meant playing with dolls, having tea parties, wearing dresses, and liking pink. Not only was I the exact opposite, but I felt, at times, that everyone expected girls to be ‘girly’. I never wore dresses; I wore jeans and t-shirts. I never played with dolls; I played with Jurassic Park action figures and army men. I never liked pink; I am passionate for blue. Did this make me a tomboy, then? Perhaps. I played sports and enjoyed getting dirty. I played games with the neighborhood boys, like tag and spies. I liked building things and being a ‘grease monkey’ with my brother and dad. I considered myself a tomboy, only because it was the only word I knew to describe a non-girly girl.

But now I want to change that word. I am a girl. Girls are not all the same and should not be classified as such. Just because a girl doesn’t like certain ‘girly’ things doesn’t mean she will be less successful in life. It doesn’t mean that she won’t get married and have children. It’s not the 1950’s. I am a scientist, a bassist, an engineer, a writer, a wife, a cook, a gamer… and I am most certainly a GIRL. Girls do not fit into one category, just like boys do not all play football.

So embrace the girl you are or the girl you have, because every girl is unique.

Girls Just Wanna Be Girls

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