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Fluffy like a Wombat

I got a new mattress this week!!! To say I am excited would be a little understated. I have not slept in a new mattress… ever. For over twenty years I have lived with old, hand-me-down, broken, or air mattresses. Let me just say that I did not realize one could love a bed so much. I wake up (refreshed) and go to work, and every minute I am thinking of my amazing pillow-top mattress with polka dot sheets. I love my new bed. It has independent springs and foam so that it forms to my body while sleeping and is good for my spine. It is firm, bouncy, soft, and fluffy. Everything a bed should be! I am happy with my purchase, which was LONG overdue. I had been sleeping on an air mattress for almost 10 months and my back was complaining to me for it. Now, the reason I was sleeping on an air mattress for so long was because I was traveling so much that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a mattress I couldn’t take with me. (I was also too cheap.) I have finally ‘settled in’ to a city I like so I figured it was time to buy a mattress. (yay!) My spine was praising me for the decision. 😛

Okay, okay. Enough about mattresses… what about wombats?! Wombats are such cute, fat creatures, native to Australia. They are like a ball of fur with legs and some actually like to cuddle. I really don’t know why anyone wouldn’t like a wombat. They are quite harmless, peaceful animals. It just makes me smile thinking of them rolling around in the grass.

Rescued Baby Wombat –>

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