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As I reflect on the past month, I realize so much has happened and, yet, sometimes it seems nothing at all. I have been busy with my research, I joined a business, and have re-released my first book, Pure Blood, with a brand new cover. All of this I am proud of, but I will let you know as soon as it happens, when Pure Blood will be approved and released for iTunes and Amazon Kindle. It will be available on all platforms of e-book downloads. It is just a matter of time. As with my previous post, I love my new cover and cannot thank Hugo and Fabian enough. Also, as a way of thanking my fans, 15% of my book can be downloaded for free as a sample AND I have included a long preview of the second book at the end of Pure Blood. I hope to have my second book published by next year. Happy Reading!


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My Stranded-On-A-Deserted-Island Reading List

I found this on Barnes & Nobles’ website/blog and thought it would be fun to have my own top five books I would have with me if I got stranded on an island. I rarely agree with B&N’s blogs, because sometimes they seem too cliché, so here is my list

1. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas – It has action, it has romance, it has revenge and fighting… it is everything a good book should be!

2. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton – who wouldn’t want to read about dinosaurs eating people trapped on an island?

3. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – because finding an amazing book in today’s world is sometimes difficult and this one captivated me from the first page.

4. The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling – this one was a tough decision, because I was between this one or a dictionary. I love this book due to the complexities of human nature and I think it was be a good thing to have when I am missing society on that small island, but I would also benefit from a dictionary because I love looking up and learning new words. Either would suit me.

5. The Bible


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2012 Book Review

These are just some books I read in 2012 and would like to give my thoughts on them. I know some are old and didn’t come out in 2012, but I have a very large ‘to-read’ pile and these were the ones I was in the mood to read.


I am a huge Michael Crichton fan, but I will try not to be too biased on this one. I was excited to read this particular book of his because I knew going into it, that it was an unfinished manuscript. I was a little skeptical, but the ghost writer is a great sci-fi author. Upon reading Micro, I fell in love with the whole concept of shrinking humans, not because of ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ but because the insect world is damn scary! This new world was beautiful in a nightmarish way, which engrossed me into the book. HOWEVER, when the main character, whom the reader gets attached to, gets killed in the middle of the book, I can’t help but wonder if that was Michael’s original plan… That upset me, because the main character was central among the group of people and had a likeable quality. When the reader gets shifted to these other characters after that, you don’t feel as intimate with them. I was a little disappointed, but the writer stayed phenomenal as always.

The Shadow in the Wind

This book was fantastic. The suspense, the storytelling, the romance, the mystery, and even a bit of a murder investigation… amazing! I have always liked Carlos Ruiz Zafon, but this book just blew me away. I think the first person was good and I even enjoyed a little comic relief throughout the book. The idea of having a hidden sanctuary of books…the cemetery of forgotten books… chills… could there be a place? Can we create one?

The Midnight Palace

This story was good and even surprised me with an ending by killing one of the main characters, but then again, it’s Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and his endings always tend to surprise. I didn’t think this was as good as The Prince of Mist in regards to his young adults books, but it had very similar writing styles and ghost story elements. It was darker than Prince, with a lot more characters, but felt the same. Still an enjoyable read, though.

Short Walks from Bogota

Now, I love reading anything about Colombia that is not drug related and this book surprised me when I saw it on the shelf. As a tourist book, it does wonders, but I felt the author’s voice was too prevalent. I know it is shelved in the travel section, but what I mean by his voice is that he almost got too political while writing. He kept taking sides of politics in Colombia when describing events and I would have preferred a non-bias opinion when giving history lessons. I know this author has a big heart for Colombia and I appreciate that, but sometimes I found myself rolling my eyes not at what he was saying but just the fact that he felt the need to write it down and publish it. Can I please get one book on Colombia that is not drug cartel, travel, or guerilla related? Please?

The Hunger Games

Now I knew there was a lot of hype on this series before reading it. I don’t know why I put it off for so long. I just did. When I read this book, I did enjoy it, even though the writing was simple, it was a good story. When I finished the book to reflect, I could only think of eerie. This book creeped me out and I am still confused on why it didn’t do the same to other people. The writing was simple but the context was horrific and that combination made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Maybe I’m soft or whatever, but the gore with children and being a young adult book… it had some heavy themes. This book was well written and if the intention was to leave me disturbed, then bravo. Mission Accomplished.

Catching Fire

I read this book, not wanting to, but giving in and doing it. Not as good as The Hunger Games Book 1, but still did well in execution.

*The next two are audiobooks, because I had a night job that I could listen to music and instead chose some books that I loved reading long ago. These are my reviews on the audiobooks and the reading of some favorites.

Jurassic Park (audiobook)

Classic. One of my favorite books ever. I only wish they put the river scene in the movie…

The voice for this audiobook did a great job, if you can get over the fact that it sounds older (like early 90s) and the pronunciation for some words was off (like Costa Rica being said like Cahsta Rica).

The Host (audiobook)

I liked this book a lot when it first came out, even though it is very long and the first half was a bit long. The voice for this audiobook was well picked and did a good job on the voices, especially Jeb’s voice. I enjoyed this audiobook. It’s nice to see the characters come to life without being chopped up by movies.

The Dog Stars (currently reading)

I got this book for Christmas and it will be my first book of 2013! I am so excited by this book and the first few pages have captured me completely.

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Tried to Give You Up, But I’m Addicted

Ever get so into a novel, story, or movie, that when it is finished, you become slightly depressed?

Perhaps that is why I write…


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The Anniversary of Moby Dick


This was too good not to share. What a classic! One of my favorite adventure books ever.

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Imaginary Make-Believe

I often find myself caught up in a good book or movie and, when finished, desperately wish I could be a part of that world. I am sure most of us have felt that way at one moment, especially after a damn good book or movie, but I find myself drawn in, not just by the graphics or words (although words are my cocaine), but by the music sometimes. I have just watched the newest trailer for the movie The Hobbit, and find myself wanting to be on an adventure much like the dwarves, instead of stuck behind a desk everyday, taking public transportation to go home.

Why do we crave everything adventurous and whimsical? Because we do. Why else would circuses and Sci-Fi, comic books and video games be so popular? Just book and movie sales are astronomical. So, I ask again: why do we crave the fantastic? Why are our mundane lives not enough?

I often ponder this, because I feel that ‘pull’ so often after a great story, but then I ask myself: would I really enjoy being put into a situation of life or death? Most of these stories contain that aspect. Almost all good stories have the main character(s) struggling or presented with a great challenge that can and will change who they are. Do I want that?

Perhaps it is not the adventure we crave, but the opportunity to prove that we have ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. We have what it takes to walk through a dark cave with only a torch. We have what it takes to pursue a land far away on foot. We have what it takes to be tested and triumph over evil. But do we? Do we have the strength to not know when our next meal will be or how to get it? Do we have the knowledge to guide us in the right direction? Do we have the natural ability to ‘go with your gut’ in order to survive? Do we have the courage to face the unknown? Or would we just be happier living our predictable lives…

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