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Drilling Trees & Whatnot

So I apologize to my followers for such a lengthy time away from my blog. I really have no excuse aside from a busy schedule with work and my research. My research, which consists of me wandering the forest, has been slowly progressing. This week will prove to be more productive due to a multitude of supplies that have recently arrived. ūüėÄ <– That is my happy face for not having to wait any longer. I figured I should do a quick update of my activities since I had been MIA for awhile. The photos are of some of my work that I have been doing. I will try to update sooner rather than later. Until then, though, chao!

p.s. Anyone watch Downton Abbey? I finally caught up and have mixed feelings about the ending to Season 3…




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Premium Edition

Thursdays always tend to be busy for me, but today was exceptionally so. I must say, however, that I do not feel anything really happened. I had a two-hour meeting this morning with some important people who didn’t give me a lot of information, even though that was the purpose of the meeting. Then I had work at an electronic store for four hours, selling video games to customers who either enjoyed my smile or liked that a girl was a ‘gamer’. Now I am home, dressing down into a tye-dye t-shirt, ready to go to band practice to play my bass. Then at about 9:30 when we end practice, I will need to go work for two hours at a different job. Busy, busy, right?

I actually do enjoy selling video games, even if I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer. I think I just enjoy interacting with people different to myself. I do play games. I use to play a lot of Nintendo (DS & Wii) and PC online games, before I moved, but now I just play a little PS3 when I want some mindless activity after a long day. I stick to RPG (role-playing games) because as a writer, I am always intrigued by a good story, which keeps me playing. I like watching other people play games as well. I could just sit and watch people play shooters or driving games all day. I don’t know why that entertains me.

I enjoy Thursdays, however, because it isn’t tough, just long, and band practice always feels nice and wakes me up by the end of it. I don’t consider myself a good bass player, but I do practice regularly and just started three months ago. I think my progress is good, rather than my skill.

I must find some time to work on my PhD…

2012 Stats

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Pocket of Dynamite

I am finding humor in my current situation. I have been vaguely aware throughout my life that my presence attracts attention. I thought in my naivet√© that this was normal and happened to everyone. Then I travelled to Colombia by myself and realized many stares coming my way, but I assumed it was due to my hair and eye color. Then I travelled to Australia, thinking it would be similar to my home country. I started my doctorate degree and the moment I stepped into my share office, I realized I was (firstly) the only female and (secondly) the only white person. Don’t get me wrong, I love being among different cultures and learning from a plethora of persons. It’s how it should be in the world.

However, something interesting happened to me today. I became aware that I am a sort of anomaly among my peers. I was approached¬†by another student, whom I have never seen, on the public transport and he knew who I was. “Are you the PhD student in Aerospace? I have seen you around.” I am quiet on campus so I can understand how I may seem a mystery. We started talking and he was surprised by my age (which I get a lot). Then we parted ways and a thought occurred to me: everyone was talking about me!

“Have you seen the American girl? She is doing her PhD here.”

I have become the talk of the offices and had not even realized. I am now this mysterious little white girl who must be¬†intelligent because she is so young and doing her doctorate. Honestly, most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing and am just trying to keep my head above water. I believe this to be truth to most people.

This brought a smile to my face today, thinking that other people are getting enjoyment through me. I am not intimidated by much and therefore can seem very driven, but that is because I love living with no regrets and try everything at least once. Afterall, we only have one chance at life.

*As a side note, I am told that I am a great public speaker and was recently introduced to an audience as a ‘pocket of dynamite’ and to not be fooled by my size.


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Work Work Work

With so much work to do, it is sometimes difficult to find time to write. I try to schedule a time during my lunch to write everyday, but sometimes I get a great idea and don’t want to stop. Then it comes down to choosing…

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Updates & Mondays

Mondays… Are Mondays so difficult to ‘get into’ due to such a great weekend or because of having a crappy job? This Monday, for me, was due to having such a great/relaxing weekend, but I suppose most of us despise returning to the place where we must go to pay for the bills, rather than the place we wish we were.
My e-book cover for Pure Blood is so great! Just putting some finishing touches before I reveal/publish the new cover. The second cover is getting translated (since my graphic designer is Colombian) and then started on as well. I am so excited. I believe my second book is more delightful and more mysterious than my first book. The first book, being more of an introduction to the story and characters, is normal when it comes to series. Overall, I am excited.

I think the next interview with a character will be Crix, although he is more shy than Rip. Rip has also filled out a questionnaire for all of his fans. Does he wear boxers or briefs? Is that too weird, when talking about a (fictional) teenager? Hmm…

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